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QUOTE originally posted by JUSTICEBEETLE

QUOTE originally posted by PanconquesoXD

update on shiny hunt 60 eggs. still no shiny im starting to get really frustated.. can someone help me??
The odds are closer to 1/400 for someone without hypermode. dont give up! youll get it if you keep going 💪
I can confirm this as someone who, without HM, pushed myself through a 500+ egg Eevee hunt to get two shinies (the first being on egg 333) with the old chances (when the max chain non-HM users could get was 38). You'll get it if you keep trying, I'm wishing you luck! (I do admit I proceeded to leave PFQ for like, a year shortly after finishing that Eevee hunt, in the middle of a Ponyta hunt even, but I came back so let's not talk about it-)
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