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QUOTE originally posted by Enbees

I did not realize the flutes were a permanent item. I avoided buying the flutes, and just reloaded the shelter normally to find eggs, because I was like: "It is so not worth it to pay 450/500 gp to get a full page of eggs once."
Ha, i thought the EXACT same thing! would've been helpful when getting dexes, lol. (thankfully i had it figured out before doing my first hunt ^^) Similarly, i didn't know the spyglass for the daycare was also a permanent upgrade. i thought you had to pay 20 gp every time you wanted to see what eggs you had so it took me a while to buy it. I also had no concept of forums and trading etc, so on the wishforge page, even though it said crafting bigger gems was convenient for trading, i was like "??? why would you trade gems" so i converted every single medium gem i ever got into smalls immediately.
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