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Addonia's AvatarAddonia
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I don't usually post here but I am mega frustrated. I don't have a lot of room to complain because I got a very early melan with my current chain. Plus I had 2 shinies all ready, all within 151 eggs. I only needed 3 shinies and 3 albinos total, but I have yet to hatch a single shiny since my melan at egg 151 and no albinos EXCEPT for the melan. I am at 460 hatches. I use max boosts and am seriously starting to wonder if they are broken. Sometimes these rates are seriously a pain. I just wanna move on for a project I am working on. Edit: egg 643 was finally an albino... 492 eggs after my melan at 151. Just 1 shiny and 2 albino to go.
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