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Username: NumelNumelNumel Character Name:Orion Pokemon Species:Decidueye Gender, Pronouns & Sexuality: Male Straight He Him Info About Character: Once the Pokémon of an emperor when suddenly thrown out, neglected, Has become a Stray when he met a small Pokémon under a bridge called Toki Other: has nature powers, brief insights. like a regular decidueye but scruffed and a little bit orange (autumn) also has a jewel necklace that is he hides from people so that nobody hates him for being the wretched emperors Pokémon. Username:NumelNumelNumel Character Name:Toki Pokemon Species:Tailow Gender, Pronouns & Sexuality:She Straight she her Info About Character: has always lived under the local bridge with her family until one day when her family flew of not knowing how to fly she was left behind until one day when a Large Pokémon came stumbling by a Decidueye he had pity for her and excepted her as a kind of sister Other:Lives Orion like a Sibling
Numel. Sprite by doofisconfused Join my rp! *Truly lost*
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