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When I had just started I was just hatching a bunch of eggs cuz I didn't really know what else to do, and it wasn't until I pressed 'release' on a Deerling did I realize I had hatched a shiny...Pretty sure that was within a month of starting. And it wasn't until this year I had thought to message staff about seeing if it could be located. I-I They couldn't of course.

QUOTE originally posted by CrownedZacian

Anyone have any dumb things they did as new players? i will start! i took EVERY phione out of the shelter cause i thought it was a legendary T-T so many shelter adopts wasted hhhh
Also, I had done that exact same thing. I had fields after fields filled with Phione cuz there were so many in the shelter. I later ended up releasing them all. I had also found a bunch of level 100+ Manetrics and had adopted those, too. Before also releasing those.
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