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QUOTE originally posted by Alchemist's Fire

@Nunka: Ooh, you did Dozo too? I love the motion in the sprite, and I love the melan colours too ♥ The Tatsugiri egg totally reminded me of a koi pond, which I think is so perfect What do you mean by the lure poses?
The lure pose is what they do when a trainer approaches, normally they all look like this walking around (image below) but depending on which one you run in to they will make a specific shape (droopy/curly/stretchy) once you get too close! (official in game image, grabbed from this article) Also though I SUPER love these sprites so much as well as the colors, I'm curious if we will see the mini-sprites be adjusted? All 3 are curly in their mini sprites so I'm wondering if those will be changed in the future
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