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Hello everyone! This site has had a lot of discussion about the bonus bars since... well, the beginning of the bonus bars. I'm making this thread as a place to collect opinions on how the bonus bars are currently working, as I'm very interested in data, and also people's feelings towards the current system. I would also like to collect all the info about changes to the boosts/what Niet has said about the boost system in this thread, as it's currently a little all over the place and I would like to collect it to make it easier to view. This isn't a suggestion, and will likely not become a suggestion unless I feel there's enough evidence and support for any particular side. I genuinely just wanna hear how people feel about it in a general sense, as I only have my own point of view as a veteran player. I would like to hear from other veteran players, newbies, everyone in between! All opinions are welcome, no matter how 'experienced' you are! I also invite the general staff team and Niet to give any input. Helpful Info:
  • Niet has previously stated that most bonus counters are intended to only activate every one to two weeks link
  • The shinyhunt rawdata page lists every boost that was activated on a certain day, and gives a good sense of gaps between boosts. Natural activations are not differentiated from FabFri/MCW link
  • From what I can see, we average 4,500-5,000 log-ins a day, with potentially less 'active' players. Numbers are likely higher on big boost days/events.
What I want to hear from you!
  • How long have you been playing?
  • Do you think the bars fill too quickly, too slowly or are alright as they are? Any specifics?
  • Do you think the boost ranges are too strong, too weak, or just right? Any specifics?
  • Do you think you are able to benefit fully from the boosts given? (ie Do you gain what you want from the boosts when they're active?)
  • Should Fab Friday or the MCW boosts be changed?
This isn't necessarily a form, and I encourage you to write free-form if you want to! These are just some general points I would like to hear about, but feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you want. Even just a couple words about one bonus counter would be interesting to me! Lastly, keep things civil! I've seen how these threads go, and I understand the frustration from all sides. However, I want to keep this as objective as possible. I would recommend posting your personal opinion and leaving it at that. Please do not attack people if they have a different opinion to you.
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