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As she wakes up from her short nap in Hyacinthia, Bliss notices something rumbling in the trash infront of her. She stands up wearily and then grabs the nearest thing she can find, a rusty can, and launches it into the trash. A shout could be heard from inside it as the creature rustles their way out. Startled, Bliss picks up a piece of wood which she kept beside her and points it towards the trash. She yells out, 'Whatever you are, leave me alone and go away!' It starts to walk towards her, staggering with every step, as she backs away slowly. Ryan walks over to a little Kirlia who seemed to have hit him in the head with something. 'Hey! What's the big idea? Don't go around throwing stuff at strangers, it's very rude!' He growls at her before turning around and running away. He was not going to talk anymore to this pokemon he met since he's got bigger problems to think about. Like where to find food for the day. Or a place to rest.

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