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Welcome To The Daybreak RP Thread


[MESSAGE RECIEVED] 'Strange events are taking place. Day and Night have fallen out of sync; the balance of nature has been destoryed. Leaders from different timelines have risen and fell whilst trying to take over this corrupted land, which results in divides in the communities which inhabit these lands. Several pokémon from across the lands seek freedom and change in Planet Daybreak which has never seen peace for thousands of years. The end is near. If no one works together to stop their world from being ruined, this planet will meet it's end; just like the rest of the planets that wer-e conqu-ered- by-...' [SIGNAL LOST]

RP Rules

1. Please follow all PFQ rules. 2. Characters need to be accepted by me before you can post in the RP thread. 3. You are only allowed to have 6 characters at a time; which means if one of them dies, you have an open spot to create a new one if you please. 4. Do not kill another person's character without asking them beforehand, always make sure everyone is onboard with it before making such a decision. 5. Please keep your pokemon characters fairly normal in terms of ability and power. That means no overpowered characters. 6. Please don't use swears or make your characters say anything unappropriate. 7. Do not send any hate to any characters who may be a part of the LGBTQ+ community, both in-character and out. All people are welcome. 8a. Please don't make your posts only a few lines long. Paragraphs of atleast 4-5 lines minimum are acceptable. The more, the better. 8b. Also please make your posts make sense, don't write nonsense just to fill the minimum of lines. 9. Failure to obey these rules will give you a warning, three warnings and you are out of the RP.

Character List


Username: Dystøpiã Character Name: Bliss Pokemon Species: Kirlia Gender, Pronouns & Sexuality: Female, she/her, straight Info About Character: Bliss may seem small but don't let that fool you as she has the mind capacity to imagine different scenarios of events to find out which course of action she should take. Her high intelligence proves useful when met with risky challenges and she can be a loyal to anyone she finds worth helping. She is a little ignorant though and might take time getting used to new pokemon. Other: She wears a bracelet on her left arm which she got from her best friend who passed away years ago. Username: Dystøpiã Character Name: Ryan Pokemon Species: Zangoose Gender, Pronouns & Sexuality: Male, he/him, asexual Info About Character: Ryan has a passion for fighting. His family were always fighting other pokemon due to them being part of a gang of thiefs. He is now on his own after the tragic accident involving his family and a train. He wanders the lands now, taking whatever he can find and getting his anger out by fighting anyone he seems good enough to challenge him. He desperately needs to find a solution to his hunger as it's hard to find food laying around in the barren wastelands that he now travels through, especially when he's alone. Other: Ryan has a couple of bruises on his back from fights he has gotten into.


Username: CWTtheAI2360 Character Name: Reni Pokemon Species: Riolu Gender, Pronouns & Sexuality: Male, hy/hym, ace demiromantic Info About Character: Reni's kind of a hothead, quick to anger but generally only lashes out verbally - it takes some real effort to get hym riled enough to get physical. Hy's also a total sucker for puns, even the ones that are so bad they hurt; notably, though, hy's not usually one to make them hymself, but on occasion hy does go for it. One of hys most notable traits is hys loyalty to his friends; hy'll stick by them through thick and thin, no matter how hard things get...for better, or for worse. Other: Reni has a scar just above hys right eye from a fight hy got into at one point.


Username: Alpha-Night-Fang Character Name: Caladium (Cal) Pokemon Species: Mightyena Gender, Pronouns & Sexuality: Bigender, she/he, aromantic Info About Character: The main word to describe Cal is chatterbox. Cal will ramble for minutes before their listener can get a "mhm" in. However, don't mistake this for arrogance or pride. Cal is simply impulsive, and loses track of time quickly. He's also quite the gossip, loving to share whatever he's gathered with friends. Unfourtantly, the combonation of these traits get her in trouble more often then not. She never seems to know when something's not her buisness. Above all, though, Cal's listening skills provide her the ability to be the best shoulder to cry on. She'll do whatever she can to make you feel better, even if she's awkward about it. Other: ADHD beast. Has a bag full of miscellaneous, probably useless trinkets.


Username: sibs Character Name: ube | https://f2.toyhou.se/file/f2-toyhou-se/images/69813715_6PoyaNACzf5hYN7.png Pokemon Species: espeon Gender, Pronouns & Sexuality: female | she/they | aroace Info About Character: Ube is described as the quiet type of pokemon. Never really socializing with the others, always the odd one out. She's very skilled in the subject of crafting. Give her anything and she'll make something out of it. She spends most time alone, but she does her best to interact with others when she feels brave enough to do so. Other: Thank you so much for the chance, I apologize if this is already closed. Have a lovely day <3


Username: AnonymousEspeon Character Name:Kanõ Pokemon Species:Eevee Gender, Pronouns & Sexuality:Male, He/They, panro-ace Info About Character: Kanõ is generally a loner, as he knows no one from this planet. He came from Unova to visit a family member and lost them amongst the chaos. He always wears an indigo hoodie and does art in his free time, and has insomnia. He loves to stargaze and misses his family. Other:Thanks for considering, (If this character is too close to ube by sibs I have another character I can use)


QUOTE originally posted by NumelNumelNumel

Username: NumelNumelNumel Character Name: Orion Pokemon Species: Decidueye Gender, Pronouns & Sexuality: Male Straight He Him Info About Character: Once the Pokémon of an emperor when suddenly thrown out, neglected, Has become a Stray when he met a small Pokémon under a bridge called Toki. Other: Has nature powers, brief insights. like a regular decidueye but scruffed and a little bit orange (autumn) also has a jewel necklace that is he hides from people so that nobody hates him for being the wretched emperors Pokémon. Username: NumelNumelNumel Character Name: Toki Pokemon Species: Tailow Gender, Pronouns & Sexuality: Female Straight she/her Info About Character: Has always lived under the local bridge with her family until one day when her family flew of not knowing how to fly she was left behind until one day when a Large Pokémon came stumbling by a Decidueye he had pity for her and excepted her as a kind of sister. Other: Lives with Orion like a Sibling.


QUOTE originally posted by SmolWooper

Username:SmolWooper Character Name:Kalin Pokemon Species:Quagsire Gender, Pronouns & Sexuality:He him straight this Info About Character:He was born in a wasteland and was abandoned for being too weak. He has one foot from birth. He has a fake leg made of molded metal. He grew to become a wreck less hooded figure who traded the most valuable of items. He is a great Allie if you can befriend him. Other:Wears a crimson a hooded robe. Rides on his trusty Rapidash


QUOTE originally posted by C0L0R3D

Username: C0L0R3D Character Name: Yale (Yes, you do say it like kale.) Pokemon Species: Brionne Gender, Pronouns & Sexuality: Female, She/Her, Aroace Info About Character: Yale is mainly self proclaimed as THE stick in the mud. She's dry, tends to feel like she carries everyone on her back and so forth. In truth she's mainly a gentle Pokémon, but gets worried at her own habits of lashing out. Even then, Yale wishes to work around her issues when it's the right time for it. Other: Yale is on the autism spectrum (she has a fixation for nature) and tends to keep Brionne-friendly noise cancelling headphones with her when she can.


Cybo-City This city used to be full of people; teleporting around as they lived their lives in harmony with their neighbouring town, Hyacinthia. Now it is a barren wasteland, with buildings that are half-broken and roads which are unrecognisable. It sits empty now; the only living things that roam around it every now and then are the gangs of pokemon who try to claim the area as theirs. Hyacinthia This town was lush with fields of crops and flowers and was the centre of all trades made from other towns and cities, before a tyrant and his followers burned it down to the ground, trying to take over every civilisation they could. Townspeople try to re-build the area but they couldn't bring it back to it's former glory. Now all that is left are a few cabins and a dried up riverbed which used to flow through the town. Mt. Creaton A mountain which is inhabited by the refugees from the towns that were destroyed during the battles that took place when a rip in the sky caused thousands of rogue pokemon to attack anyone they saw. Caves were dug out on the sides of the mountain to house families and lost pokemon until their homes were built. Ever since the sun and moon lost their balance, pokemon that lived here felt a change in themself, causing them to feel different emotions and see things the way they aren't seen to the naked eye. Castle Derneous The current ruler of Planet Daybreak resides here. It's walls are made out of dark igneous rock found deep within the volcanos dotted around the area. The soldiers who guard it were once living their own lives but then they were captured and forced to work for their leader, who threatened them with their family's lives if they didn't cooperate. Gaelia A Large town with industrial themed areas which include lots of gears and mechanical things. Artificial water flows under the bridges of Gaelia. It is ruled by Emperor Cecilia, a wealthy women who rules with great power. It is also home to many strays and lost travelers. More Locations Coming Soon

- Would you like to join this roleplay? Please create a character form in this thread and then wait until you are accepted before posting here. -

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