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QUOTE originally posted by Lunalatic

I don't think it's fair for the same type to pop up in V-Wave multiple times in a five-day stretch. I have no clue how they're chosen, but I've got the feeling it's just randomly selected from the 18 types with no consideration as to whether the type has come up recently. See: the impending two days of Fairy-type V-wave in a row and a recent Type race where the same type was V-wave three times in the span of five days.
Yeah true but keep in mind the v-wave type is randomly selected from all the types. Not to mention having the same type multiple days in a row is pretty common. I mean if you hunt a fire type mon and the next v-waves are all psychic type yeah its not exactly fair but tbh I dont even care nor pay attention to the v-wave I just hunt whatever I want regardless of what v-wave it is.
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