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And, once more, here's Paldea! Figured I may as well keep up the tradition of noting down all the pokemon we get as we get them :P

New Pokemon Log

Apr 07:

Starters are first of course! The question is just when during the day they get released, and when the Hunters find all the special versions lol :P ——— So far they've found Melan Quaxly! It's been a few hours since the drop, so that's quick!

Apr 28:

Ah! So I was right in my guess that we'd get the bugs, Lechonk and Pawmi next, good :3 I didn't think we'd get Nymble yet but I don't mind seeing it so soon.

May 19:

New paldean mon! It looks like they skipped the region version Wooper tho, so maybe we're getting those and the evolutions together at some later date? But! What I do know is that Nacli is part of the next drop! :D And Charcadet, probably. Those are two of my faves and I'm excited to see them here :D

Jun 3:

Coming up on the new drop!! Update: variants (and probably the evos) are going to wait until we have some paldean pokemon of the proper egg group. So we're able to actually breed them lol Nacli!! I am very excited to see them this Friday, they're so cute :3 I'm gonna get the S/A dex of the others in this drop, then do a proper long hunt. We'll see if I keep on for the full 3 weeks lol

Jun 9:

Prepping this post so it's easier to edit on my phone! I'm so excited for this!! Even if they probably won't come out until tomorrow morning (for me) or while I'm at work. Still! I'm excited to get my rock!! And my little fire knight <3 lol I got to the new post exactly 59 seconds after it was posted, even tho I was just asleep. Nice

Jul 04:

lol I didn't update on the day of and then forgot until now I like half of the pokemon in this new batch! Two of my new fave grass types, Bramlin and Toedscool <3 And! Klawf should be in the next set! As well as Rellor probably? so my rock crab and dung bug <3

Jul 21:

At least 6 hours til the new drop. I'm excited! Another two of my faves should show up in this group <3

Sep 1:

Looks like next time we have SIX new lines. Wonder what they'll be?? What's left, anyway? Big fish, sushi, fast fish, ice dragon...

Sep 22:

Okay, looks like we didn't get all of the last of the pure paldean Pokemon in this drop! So we still have coin man and ice dragon to go, but we got some formes instead! And all the fish lol

Sep 26:

Speaking of coin man tho, i hope we get a system like with meltan where we get the evolution coins with each egg hatched. that's the most logical idea, tho maybe scale down the required number, haha...

Oct 13:

Hm. I'm with the vocal opinion that Gimmighoul egg should be cheaper (why is a Meltan egg only 1 token but Gimmighoul has a summon item for 34??) and then maybe make the evolution harder to get. Relic gold feels like a waste when I would rather use it for badges, but I guess it does make sense. I wish it did work more like Meltan with each egg giving a coin, and maybe having a rare chance of getting them in boxes/scour? Maybe I'll check if there's a suggestion thread? Gimmighoul has been updated! And so has Meltan :o Those will be fun :3

Nov 04:

i forgor to update this The past paradoxes are here! Done with Data logs, same mechanic as Megas. So it does technically evo the Pokemon you already have! I don't think I ever wrote it down, but I hoped for something like this. Gotta hunt those Pokemon now >:] Already got my Sandy Shocks and I'm levelling for Slither Wing, but the others are gonna take a while. I wonder if there will ever be an item like the Megastone Voucher for these...

Nov 24:

New guys! the future forms are here!

Jan 05:

After an extra 3 week break, we're possibly getting the box legends today?? But I told myself I'd wait until the Legends released as well so I could hopefully get the summons from the least amount of boxes haha We'll see if I actually wait! It's also the last day of 12DoC so 20k interactions for a CS, a great reward even if we don't get any new Paldean 'mon ➔ Well! Looks like the box legends are Paradoxes. Makes sense. So I just need to get another shiny Cyclizar, and 1 each more of the DVs to complete the S/A of that dex (there's no way I'm getting 2 more melans lol. maybe someone's dex trading them?)

Jan 26:

The last of the Base Game Pokemon are here! :D The announcement says we've got 4 evolution lines next, what are those?? I know of Apple, Tea, and... what else?

So Far...

Apr 07:

Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly

Apr 28:

Lechonk, Tarountula, Nymble, Pawmi

May 19:

Tandemaus, Fidough, Smoliv, Squawkabilly

Jun 9:

Nacli, Charcadet, Tadbulb, Wattrel

Jun 30:

Maschiff, Shroodle, Bramblin, Toedscool

Jul 21:

Klawf, Capsakid, Rellor, Flittle

Aug 11:

Tinkatink, Wigglet, Bombirdier, Finizen, Varoom

Sep 1:

Cyclizar, Orthworm, Glimmet, Greavard, Flamigo

Sep 22:

Cetoddle, Vezula, Dondozo, Tatsugiri, Paldean Tauros, Paldean Wooper

Oct 13:

Frigibax, Gimmighoul, Annihilape, Farigiraf, Dudunsparce, Kingambit

Nov 03:

Sandy Shocks, Scream Tail, Roaring Moon, Brute Bonnet, Slither Wing, Great Tusk, Flutter Mane

Nov 24:

Iron Bundle, Iron Treads, Iron Thorns, Iron Valiant, Iron Hands, Iron Jugulis, Iron Moth

Jan 05:

Miraidon and Koraidon!

Jan 26:

Treasures of Ruin!

Feb 23:

Poltchageist and the Loyal Three

Mar 29:

Blood Moon Ursaluna, Dipplin, Hydrapple, Archaludon

Apr 12:

Raging Bolt, Gouging Fire, Walking Wake, Iron Crown, Iron Boulder, Iron Leaves

Hm. I'm gonna add an S/A progress table here! May as well lol Paradoxes here

long table

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