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Hunt Post Twenty-Six

HM Duration of 04/Apr til 12/Apr. Will be renewed around then. New duration: til 09/Oct
Sandygast gem hunt [10♂A] [95♀S] [192♂S] [201 eggs] 04/Apr/2023—07/Apr/2023 Sprigatito paldea hunt! [12♂S] [50♀S] [89♂A] [100 eggs] 08/Apr/2023—12/Apr/2023 Type Race: Fighting • albino Meditite • albino Croagunk • shiny Croagunk Fuecoco paldea hunt! [87♂S] [200 eggs] 12/Apr/2023—17/Apr/2023 Zubat tourney/melan fail hunt [51♂A] [73♀S] [197♀S] [204♀S] [239♀A] [333♂S] [433♀S] [449♂A] [483♀S] [584♂A] [698♂A] [807♂S] [863♂A] [921♀A] [1040♂A] [1078♂A] [1080♂S] [1112♀A] [1196♀S] [1233♂S] [1257♀S] [1275 eggs] 17/Apr/2023—29/Apr/2023
Quaxly paldea hunt! [34♂A] [45♂S] [65 eggs] 29/Apr/2023—30/Apr/2023 Nymble paldea hunt! [59♀S] [85♂A] [85 eggs] 30/Apr/2023—01/May/2023 Tarountula paldea hunt! [90♂S] [124♂A] [135 eggs] 01/May/2023—02/May/2023 PotD Tourney • albino Tirtouga • albino Tirtouga Lechonk paldea hunt! [33♂A] [141♂S] [150 eggs] 03/May/2023—05/May/2023 Pawmi paldea hunt! [53♀S] [67♀S] [99♀S] [123♀S] [135♂A] [233♂A] [350 eggs] 05/May/2023—08/May/2023 Minun crystal hunt [48♀A] [98♂A] [139♀S] [150 eggs] 08/May/2023—10/May/2023
Mawile tr hunt [4♂A] [75♂S] [79♀S] [151♀A] [184♂S] [188♂S] [204♂S] [288♀S] [371♀A] [375♀S] [384♀A] [388♀A] [412♂S] [414♀S] [440♂S] [452♂S] [504♂A] [589♂S] [600 eggs] 11/May/2023—20/May/2023 Type Race: Steel • none :(
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