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Single post in F2P ZC User Complaints + No Money Spending Tips!!!

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Jackraw's AvatarJackraw
Jackraw's Avatar
Hey hey! So I am also a free-to-play user who is just about to get a year of hypermode without spending money (as soon as a credits for zc deal goes through), and here's the biggest ways I earned money - Scours The absolute biggest source of my ZC was boxboxes, I sold them for between 110-120 ZC per and if you do enough scouring it can be a pretty steady source of income. Evolution items also can sell for a lot if you're willing - Contests There's a whole guide for contests but the main line is it can get you a LOT of GP, which you can trade other players for ZC, Fabulous friday also ties into this as it can get you a lot of GP for just 3k interactions - Tournaments While this was only about 500 ZC for me, doing the tournaments and then selling the tokens for about 20 ZC per token helped me a lot, especially since there's other ways to get things from the shop, e.g trading with other players, you have to wait for the new ones to be breedable I believe but a pair is much cheaper than a tournament token
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