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Single post in F2P ZC User Complaints + No Money Spending Tips!!!

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I'm not exactly sure if I this is where I should start the thread, but I guess it did say discussion and while I'm here to complain, I'm also here to ask for tips. So, I'm a very strict non-ZC user, and my hunt hasn't been exactly going very well for me. I REALLY don't want to use ZC(don't ask why), or rather, I don't want to spend money on this game(no offense, Niet, but, er, I need to save up money). So now, I need to think of ways to get ZC without actually spending money. Other than having other people pay me(because my trade shop isn't going too well), what else can I do to get ZC? Okay, now, to complain about my non-ZC usage. ZC...is horrible. I want a PR Memory Stick...no ZC. I want to buy charms...no ZC. I was...bascially everything but no ZC. *Sigh* Will edit later to think of more ways to complain 'bout ZC without sounding rude or crazy.
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