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PF1 veteran here... I can't remember when I made an account over there, maybe 2012-ish? I was very young when I first got into Pokefarm, and I remember in the old IRC/Skype chats everyone was SO friendly! I am not really active in terms of playing this game anymore, but I do check in quite frequently because I like to keep up. But I've had many long periods of inactivity, and I'm definitely not a pro player haha. There's plenty of people who only signed up within the last year or so who are wayy ahead of me in terms of gameplay. I remember on PF1 one thing I loved to do was participate in those 'art schools' where the person would teach you how to sprite and they'd give you assignments to complete, like recolouring a sprite or something like that. That was so fun and I don't think I see that as often around here. Also I remember when PFQ opened and being absolutely AMAZED at the ease of certain features. Especially mass-clicking, it is a much easier system than what existed on PF1. Another thing I remember is the ubiquity of post templates. You do still see templates here and there in trade shops/journals/about me's but IIRC people used them much more frequently back then, on almost every post. I remember attempting to make my own and learning HTML/CSS and it was so fun! And yeah, I basically just remember PFQ being pretty bare bones, since I was one of the people who got the opportunity to be a Beta-tester back in 2013. No albinos, no wishforge, no type race or anything like that. I just remember everyone being excited to get a Kalos starter since they weren't available on PF1. As you can see on my profile, I got a Fennekin which I was very happy about. I totally get you with seeing all the inactive profiles on VIP lists. Basically all of the people I used to talk to on Skype haven't logged in for a looong time unfortunately :(
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