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WooperBlooper's AvatarWooperBlooper
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~🧼★soapy stars★🧼~ "hello everyone!" you are greeted by a mega charizard x, who looks as if she was shaped from the very fabric of the galaxy itself. she introduces the quirky but cozy space you are seated in. "this is a joint shop run by my friend, Transparentsoap, Applezrock and me! right now, you are in the centre of the shop, and there are three sides you can visit, one for each of us! we sell a variety of wares, wonders, odds and ends. we also offer various services. well then, I'll leave you to indulge your shopping cravings! thank you for stopping by~" and with a flap of her wings, she zooms away, leaving you to explore your new surroundings...

💙welcome to our joint shop💙

★eclipse ♡ she/her ♡ jolly★

★ hello! i'm WooperBlooper/eclipse~ ★
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