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Single post in JUSTICEBEETLE's art shop!!

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  • Info/Rules
  • Humanoid
  • Pokemon
  • $USD$ only
Special PFQ commissions! Cheaper than my normal prices. To order: reply here, and I will PM you. Or, you can just PM me. Reference images are required! I take half payment at start and half when completed. Specific price information is listed in the tabs.

Alternate payment options:

I MAY be willing to accept... - Bug Z crystals z-bug.png (100zc) - DCPx60 daycarepass-60.png (110zc) - Delta Voucher M delta-1000.png (600zc) - Collected Summons: summon_gir.png
Griseous Orb
(50zc) + summon_gen.png
Ancient Drive
(30zc) - Tournament Tokens (so i can buy beast balls) - 20zc - Those annoying Relic items (I'll figure out this value later) - Equiv in GP or Credits.. at least partially. I will also take Melan Bugs (that I still need) as payment for art!!!! We can discuss this!!
Please credit me when using my images. If needed, I am on Toyhouse with the same username, as well as Twitter/Tumblr

I will draw:
  • Humans/humanoid, Robots, Pokemon or other creatures Just for the record I CAN draw furries!!
I won't draw:
  • Anything against PFQ rules. Note: I reserve the right to refuse a commission.
Jitte says: Make sure to read the information carefully, and have a nice day!
STYLIZED FULLBODY 1000 OR $10 A fullbody art where I go a little weird and loose with the shapes. These are usually pretty fun to make, too :D I can probably draw non-humanoids in this style as well, just ask!
CHIBI GUY 500* A chibi drawing of your character. Does not have to be humanoid. *Comes with a bulk discount of -100 per guy. up to 3 1: 500 | 2: 900 | 3: 1200
these are my ocs, EXCEPT: Boomer, Andre, Radioman, (< @Captain Arthur) Neal, (< @madgadgets) Phalanx, and Iron Maiden. (< @rubyceazar)

icon option is being replaced
FOR POKEMON ART: I am pricing these based on the complexity of any specific pokemon, so it varries a lot. Default fullbody unless you want something else. Can be a bait or just a character. For baits, let me know if you want cycling colors, or sparkles.

Simple Pokemon - 300 A pokemon with rather simple shapes and patterns that is easy to draw.
Average? Pokemon - 500 I'm not sure how to describe this, honestly. not too simple, not too complex. just a bit "normal"
Complex Pokemon - 700 A pokemon with a more detailed and complex design. Big tough guys. Matches most fully evolved/stronger pokemon.
VERY Complex Pokemon - at least 1000 Price may vary I would put most legendaries here, but some normal Pokemon also fit. This is where I rank the most complex of Pokemon designs. The toughest to draw. I'm up for the challenge, though. Rendered shading IS NOT included
Click here for more bait examples
There are some things I will only draw for real money. I would prefer to discuss USD commissions outside of PFQ, so please ask me about them if you're interested and we can get that going.
Currently offering: little animated dancing guys!! An animated version of the chibis. 6 frames of hand drawn tiny guys. $30 for one character, $50 for two This animation was made for Terabbit You would have to tell me what kind of dance you want. Click here for more examples!!!
Chris - he/him - 22 Trade shop - Art shop - Journal fairy.png TYPE RACE SCORE: 6,933 | Icon official card art (edited by me)
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