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SO I just stumbled across the forums again after my long absence, and I wanted a place to share my feedback. Lo and behold, I found one. I have been a part of Pokefarm since... well, a long time. I transferred from PF1. Over the years I've taken long 'bouts of haitus, mostly because life got in the way and everything changes as you grow up. I decided to come back about a week ago, and of course, I was overwhelmed by all the new PFQ exclusives, Forme changes, and everything else I left unfinished when I dropped it last. I have come to say, the administrative and development team have come a long way, and I am proud to be a PokeFarmer. The QOL mode is amazing. I already spend hours stalking the shelter to try and grab exclusives I missed out on. This takes it to a whole new level. Things that took me forever now only take me a few clicks. Automatic field sorting. This is a godsend! Now I have no care in the world if someone sorted their fields, it does it for me! Eliminating the wrong berry in party clicking... gosh, it just makes everything FLOW. The Wishforge changes, especially regarding the fact that mega evolutions, interactions, ect now count towards building a badge. It used to be only Pokemon evolutions, if I remember correctly, and I have so many fields of Pokemon sitting waiting to be evolved. I can have a farm back down to a manageable size again. I want to cry from happiness. The Daycare tells me exactly why my pokemon aren't producing eggs. Sure they have base happiness, but there are other factors and I LOVE KNOWING. I'm not exactly sure if I'm missing out on anything, but those few things (as big as they are) are so much appreciated. I expected to come back for a week and drop the game again, but these changes really make it easier to understand and play. I can't wait to see further developments and ease of access. Thank you!
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