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"Bonjour!" Bayaruel exclaimed merrily as he made his way to Edaerith and Terracotta. "It sure is a remarkable day today. I'm sure this event will be a smash hit with anyone who might be itching for some adventure. I sure know I felt that way!" He took a place next to Edaerith, put his hands on his hips, and beamed at the working Pokémon. "How goes it, Evie? Terracotta? Anything I can help with?" In the tall grass growing amongst the fields that surronded Lickisterg, three dark green leaves pertruded from within and they kept shuffling ever so slowly towards town. Any who were possibly nearby would hear the humming of a little Goomy/Petilil fusion who was happily bouncing her way to the guild to sign-up. Flyers in the next village over talked about the hiring event that was going on at the Expedition Society. Grace just so happened to be passing through at that time and her attention was caught by the pretty colors that were used to attract any wandering eyes that so happened to be viewing the village walls.
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