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Ozawells's AvatarOzawells
Ozawells's Avatar
Terracotta fluffed up the pillows on her bed for what seemed like the millionth time, floating backwards to get a view of her room before finally deciding this was good enough. It was already a very exciting day- today was a recruitment event, and that meant newcomers were joining the Guild! Terra could still remember the first day she joined Lickisterg's Expedition Guild. Smiling happily to herself at the fond memories, Terra floated down the hallways dreamily. She passed by familiar members before heading outside, wanting to see personally who was joining. Perhaps, this time, she could get a new teammate! She opened the door and went out to see everything was coming together great. "Hello, Edaerith," Terracotta happily greeted as she floated towards the Mawile. "Looks like we're ready for the new recruits!" She looked about, seeing how everything was practically done. She'd helped earlier in setting up some banners and decorations and was impressed to see so much more was done by the time she came back. She turned back, giving a smile. "And how are you doing?" She asked sweetly.
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