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Hi, apologies for the delay. I'll answer some of the questions that came up.

QUOTE originally posted by Vaporeon26

Is trading PFQ stuff for official Nintendo game items allowed (ex: Animal Crossing items for PFQ pokemon/items) Just asking because of this post: https://pfq.link/~LDJ0 Edit: And what about Steam https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/323624/Steam-Games-for-PFQ
Different games may have different Terms of Use. For Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp the terms of use state the following: "# 5. Digital Items 5.1 By purchasing or otherwise acquiring Digital Items, you obtain a limited license (as set forth in Section 4) to utilize such Digital Items within the Application. Other than this limited license, you have no right or title in or to Digital Items. Digital Items cannot be sold or transferred to a third party (unless a transfer is permitted within the Application) and cannot be exchanged for or converted to cash or legal tender or for any goods or services outside of the Application." This means you can't trade digital items outside their application.

QUOTE originally posted by Karnine

Don't forget https://www.wolvden.com sister site property of Lioden Ltd @Amanome Don't trade ether form that since it's a sister to Lioden
This will be added to the list.

QUOTE originally posted by Lycana93

Chickensmoothie allows off site with PFQ but where do I post for trades? I want to sell some of my CS stuff for PFQ
You can go to the trade forum and post there. Make sure the title will make clear it's for trading for Chickensmootie.

QUOTE originally posted by cutest Eevee

what about goatlings?
Goatlings, per their own FAQ, allows trades with other pet-sites. This means it's okay to trade goatlings digital items/currency for PokéFarm digital items/currency

QUOTE originally posted by aurora star

Unsure if this has been asked before or not, but what about pets in Roblox's Adopt Me that are not robux? they forbid robux trading but pets really arent robux, and im unsure if DREAMCRAFT, the maker of adopt me, really cares.
It's best not to assume if someone cares or not. If it's allowed in the ToS or ToU of another game/platform, it's allowed for us. The Adopt Me terms of service state the following: "8. Payments In Game Content. All payments for any In-Game Content will be made using Robux and such payments will be made via the Roblox Platform. You acknowledge and agree that your use of Robux is subject to the Roblox Terms of Use and if you are experiencing problems or other difficulties with Robux, you may contact Roblox via the instructions provided on the Roblox Platform. All payments are final, and Company does not issue refunds." This means the only way to obtain in-game content is by using Robux, and the rules regarding Robux and off-site trading apply.

QUOTE originally posted by RICHNESS

what about pokeheroes
The PokéHeroes rules only limit trading for real money or items that can be converted to real money. Since PokéFarm banned Real Money Trading, you can swap PokéFarm digital goods/currency for PokéHeroes digital goods/currency.
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