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Ruben had been the second person to get up. He was an early riser due to having to get up early when he was studying as a medical student and when he had to volenteer at a hospital and pokemon center as part of his studies. The young man yawned and streatched as he took a bit of time getting out of his sleeping bag. Once he was out the medic woke his two pokemon up and got them all ready for the day. His pokemon where the first to leave the tent while Ruben folded their sleeping bags and started packing the blankets and sleeping bags into his backpack. Imagin his surprise when Sparky ran in shouting in alarm and running out of the tent. The young man grew alarmed becuase Sparky only did that when there was an emergency. Quickly Ruben grabbed his doctors bag and a first aid kit he had in his backpack and ran out of the tent. When he stepped out he saw exactly what has caused Sparky to raise the alarm. Mercei was clutching her stomach where a Cubones club was pressed against. Though from his angle it looked like the bone had stabbed her. Immediately Ruben kicked it in high gear as he ran over to where Mercei and her Cubone were at. Sparky leading the way and Wilbert following at a more slower pace.
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