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Arkham Market
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Welcome! You can find everything I have for sale/free at the top of my fields. Please link which pokemon you'd like and specify how you would like to pay. Currency exchange rate: 5000 credits = 5 GP = 1 ZC Prices are sometimes listed in GP, but I will accept any or mixed currency for payment. I'm really not picky about which currency or currencies you pay with, as long as it's equivalent to the listed price. I will swap my summons for any dragon summon at market value. I will also trade currency, just ask or shoot me a PM. I'm currently buying ground & psychic gems Medium 10k / Large 100k I can pay in any currency & will trade for any shop inventory I usually have a spare ditto I can OT swap. Just ask! If you request to purchase items/pokemon but don't make an offer on the trade after 1 week, the sale will become void and those items will go back into the inventory for others to purchase. If you cannot make the purchase within a reasonable time frame, please do not request to make a purchase. I understand things do come up, but it takes less than 60 seconds to complete a trade. Upvoted posts are trades sent/completed
Prices in name, will accept equivalent payment Currently hunting: Larvesta Shinies twins - 150k cr/150 gp/30 zc
Albinos twins - 200k cr/200 gp/40 zc
I currently have 1 field of deltas. Their prices are in their name (1 DP = 1 GP) I will accept equivalent payment. Please link which one you'd like to buy.
All 5 IV pokemon are 5 gp or equiv. There are totodile, dreepy, axew, snivy, gible, alolan sandshrew, charmander, eevee. Some are evolved. Please link the one you would like.
My first field has random stuff for sale. All prices are in the name. I also keep random legendaries for sale in this field as well (not shown.) Custom Sprites: I will also nature swap Chocolate Espurrs!
Items for sale! (prices reflect market price as of 5/29/22) Summons: Steel Statue - 70 gp or equiv. Helix Orb - 160 gp or equiv. Fujin's Lamp - 100 gp or equiv. Apprentice's Épée - 200 gp or equiv. Lono Idol - 90 gp or equiv. Items: Meadow Plate - 60 gp or equiv. (each- 2 available) Spooky Plate - 100 gp or equiv. Iron Plate - 65 gp or equiv. Icicle Plate - 70 gp or equiv. (each, 2 available) Splash Plate - 50 gp or equiv. Opal - 75 gp or equiv. (each- 2 available) I'm also selling dress-up accessories. I have too many to list, but let me know what you need. Prices vary, but I sell them for what you can sell them for in the dress up tab.
Please link free pokemon & please be aware they are purged regularly.
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