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A day later, I was swimming in my Magikarp costume when this Kirlia jumped on me. I wondered what she was doing, and so curiosity got the better of me, and I followed her. As I trailed her, I noticed that she was holding a dawn stone, much to my confusion. We were near a river when, trying to cross it, hopped on me again, but this time, she jumped on me so hard that part of the disguise broke and I tumbled out! The Kirlia staredat me, then screamed, hopped back on land, and ran. I didn't want her to alert someone, so I swam after her and wow, she was fast! It was almost like she had used Extreme Speed or Quick Attack! Even though this Kirlia was fast, I still managed to catch up with her, and I gasped "Wait!". The Kirlia turned around and asked "Why should I? You're Darkrai, a dangerous Pokémon!" Well, that was a new one. Most Pokémon, after encountering me, would attack. Maybe I could talk some sense into her. "I won't hurt you, as long as you don't tell anyone. Also, I want answers. Why do you ahve a dawn stone, when you know that you can't evolve into a Gallade?" The Kirlia hesitated. "Will you not hurt me if we just talk?" I thought about it, and said "Sure, as long as you don't attack me." We decided that we would currently be in a stalemate while we talked.
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