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As a starly slammed into my back with all his might, Cresselia told me to get out of here and never come back. "Cresselia, you know that I have no place to go as absolutely no one wants me around. I've told you this so many times already, so how come you always do this to me?" I pleaded. "So? That's your problem, not mine. For all that I care, you can go to the Distortion World and keep Giratina company." she retorted. Cresselia had always stalked me, trying to kick me out of places, to "help" the Pokémon and people, and ironically, made my life a nightmare. I never wanted to hurt anyone, but everyone antagonized me because wherever I wandered, I brought nightmares. As I was saying before, Cresselia looked down at me and my shivering body, covered in wounds from so many Pokémon, both wild and from trainers that believed Cresselia's lies. I knew that I was defeated, and with my last bits of strength, I floated out and when I looked at the scene below, I sighed when I saw Cresselia's triumphant grin and how those gullible idiots were celebrating. I floated to a nearby cave and as I looked at the stars, wondered what I should do since everyone hated me and I had nothing to do.
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