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S/A/M bait


  • Please follow all PFQ rules.
  • Be kind and considerate to me and others.
  • You may add me to your VIP list to see if I am online & available.
  • I retain the right to decline any offer or order for any reason.
  • If you like my art, plan on ordering, want to see what else I put up for offer in the future, or did order, please subscribe to my thread. I will nulify your order if you do not respond in 48 hours.
  • PM orders and offers as well as commenting are fine. Once confirmed, your name will be added to my list below and you can follow your order from there.
  • Name of pokemon, if you want it to be just melan, s/a/m, or animated, is all the information you need to give me. If you would like a silly/joke bait, let me know! Otherwise the default will just be something cute or cool.
  • Bait ordered will be sent to you via a PM with a transparent bg. The bait you order will be for you and your use only.
  • Half payment upfront. After I am finished I will send you a watermarked version of your picture and you may send the other half. All payments are final.
Just Melan bait 2,000,000 2,000 400 or 4$ For S/A/M animated bait 5,000,000 5,000 1000 or 10$ If you are interested in having a small art in this style for an OC of yours, a pokesona, or even fanart, this would be the base price and it would be adjusted on the complexity of the design. 7,500,000 7,500 1500 or 15$ When offering items, around stable market price will be used. When offering S/A/M pokemon, they will only be considered at delta point price, unless they are legendary, delta, rare gender or otherwise special in some way. Currency conversion 5,000 5 1 Delta point conversion 1 DP = 10,000 10 2
Egg EXP DP per Shiny per Albino per Melan
1,280 1 2 200
2,560 2 4 400
3,840 3 6 600
5,120 4 8 800
6,400 5 10 1,000
7,680 6 12 1,200
8,960 7 14 1,400
10,240 8 16 1,600
20,480 16 32 3,200
30,720 24 48 4,800
Current worklist:


F2U Bait

Any bait I make for myself and for my partner are free to use, just please credit me if you use it. Thanks and happy hunting!






I draw humans and anthro too! For more examples of my art, you can browse this link to my Toyhouse here! I have fanart etc. on my twitter via this link here! More than happy to discuss via PM if you are interested in something else that's not listed in this thread ^^ -- -- -- --
TH: kyaamen Avatar credit: my oc, icon made for me by Ru_Shifaa on Twitter
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