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If I recall correctly I also published this on my Quotev & Wattpad accounts, so if it looks familiar to anyone that may be why ^^ Otherwise, hope you enjoy it!
The hot sunlight beat down on the pokemon in Route 8- not that most minded it. It was a bit irritating for some of them, like the Pawniard, Bronzong, and Togedemaru. Overall it was peaceful in the ruin-filled route- nothing out of the ordinary happened, and no humans showed up to catch anyone. The Pawniard and Golett kept watch from their self-proclaimed 'posts;' Sandaconda started mini sandstorms by their areas, finding it amusing when others were caught in it; and the Dusclop and Haunter would float around the ruins, either pranking other pokemon or conversing with the Golett. Most of the Falinks did as they usually did- march through the ruin's tunnels, along with the occasional need to protect the others. One Falinks, however, ended up by the main exit of the route. Since the night before, all 6 of them marched through the tunnels and up the steps and even the ladders to get to the end. Of course, the had some help from the Haunter, Crustle, and Gurdurr to get up the ladders, since they don't have hands. One by one, they all hopped up the final set of stairs. Not a single one moved out of sync. Once the leader made sure no one was left behind, they all dashed around the corner and stopped at the overpass that connected Route 7 with Route 8. They carefully marched through the overpass- or as they saw it, big tunnel- in two lines of three. Once they all entered Route 7, they returned back to their normal formation of 6 in a row. They all looked around at the new area with fascination. They immediately noticed how much cooler this area was from their usual route. There were no ruins to be seen, and there was a bunch of new pokemon around. There were a few trees in the area- there was even a berry tree close to the entrance of their original route. The grass looked bright and alive, unlike the tall grass in Route 8. Once, a trainer in Route 8 had said the grass was always greener on the other side- was this what they meant? After making an agreement to meet back by the 'tunnel' entrance later, the leader gave their approval for the six to spread out and explore the new area. One ran to the berry tree, three ran to three separate tall grass areas, one went around a corner, and the other was unintentionally pulled into a game of Meowth and Rattata by a wild Perrserker. They all explored the route for hours, meeting all kinds of new pokemon. Some were a bit timid, like the Meowstic, Toxel, and Morpeko; others were a lot more open, like the Corviknight, Inkay, and Galvantula. By the time the Falinks were done exploring, the sun had fallen and it had become nighttime. Just as before, they all met up once more by the overpass that led to Route 8- well, almost all. One failed to return for reasons unknown to the rest. The troopers all looked at one another in confusion, wondering where their leader had gone off to. Had a trainer unknowingly come and caught them in a pokeball? Did they get lost? Or perhaps they returned to Route 8 on their own? All they knew was that they were nowhere to be found. Though they usually only listened to orders from the leader, the five remaining troopers all agreed to stick together and search around the route. They searched for what felt like hours- in reality it was probably about 45 minutes. They all slumped up against the berry tree, sharing mutual disappointment. Then they heard a faint cry from up in the tree. It sounded...familiar. One trooper hesitantly looked up into the tree, trying to spot the source. They realized their leader was up on a high branch, trying to hold onto what looked like a Pecha berry. The trooper quickly alerted the others, and they all gathered around the first, all calling up to the leading Falink. The leader looked down at them, glad to see the troopers came. They explained how a Greedent mistook them for an Aspear berry and brought them up into the tree. When he realized they weren't a berry, he simply left them up there. The troopers looked at one another, wondering what to do. One trooper soon got the idea to climb on top of one of the other troopers, almost like using them as a step-ladder. The others soon caught onto what the other was doing, and within a minute or two the remaining five had climbed up on top of one another and formed a mini staircase. The leader jumped down from the branch, bringing the berry with them as they hopped down the makeshift staircase. Once they were safely on the ground, the other troopers surrounded them excitedly and in an attempted group hug. Following the leading Falink, they all marched back into Route 8, bringing the Pecha along with them. They intended to go to their usual tunnel and share the berry amongst themselves, as well as tales of their mini adventures from that day.
all I got is that I drew my avatar and I'm happy to be here :> type race: 1000 My Shop
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