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The rules in this thread pertain to Journals in the general forums, and are in addition to the main Site Rules. The intended purpose of a Journal is to store information and to catalogue the course of your gameplay on PokéFarm. While they can be used to document real-life situations, they are not intended for that use, and all such documentation must comply with the site rules as a whole. For example, as "chat threads" are not allowed in general, Journals may not be used to get around this rule. Please use PMs or the site chat as intended.

General Journal Rules

  • You are allowed ONE (1) journal in the general forums.
  • Journals in general should be kept PG. A limited amount of PG-13 content is allowed if in a labeled hidebox. However, profanity is not acceptable regardless.
  • Vaguing, blacklisting, slander, or the distribution of false information regarding either PokéFarm staff or other players is not allowed. Penalties for the above may range from a warning to the loss of your account, depending on the severity of the offence. For clarity, "vaguing" refers to discussing another player in a negative manner without naming them, but while providing enough information for the player to be identified. Showing disrespect towards another player will also break this rule, such as by breaching the other player's privacy.
  • Journals may not be used as Trade Shops or Art Shops. You may use your journal to experiment with your shop code, but you may not conduct business through your journal.
  • Mild leniency regarding legibility will be shown for journals; however, you are still required to define all colour parameters if BBCode/CSS is used.
  • When keeping a journal, please keep Site Rules regarding art usage, respect, and spoilers in mind.
  • Journals may be deleted for inactivity after 3+ months without a new post, or an edit to the first or last post. Journals may also be deleted if the owner is no longer subscribed to the thread. Deleted Journals may be restored if necessary by sending a Support Centre ticket to the moderation team here. It is ideal if you are able to provide a link to your Journal in the ticket, but not necessary.
  • Remember that your journal is available for public viewing, including by persons who are not logged in to the site. Don't post anything in your journal that you wouldn't want seen or shared by others.
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