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GingrrCat's AvatarGingrrCat
GingrrCat's Avatar
Excuse me as I overdramaticize and rant about a hunt I did a few monthes ago So for October I was on team dark for type race and I had a Purrlion pair in my field and was kinda like "hey why not hunt this cat." And me being the musical theater nerd that I am thought it would be funny if I named the specials I got after Cats character. So I started the hunt (without many boosts aside from pokerader and albino radar) and my goal was to get 3 of each special so I could get the main line plus the mega. So I did this hunt for like a month and it was TERRIBLE. Not in terms of finding eggs, cause there were plently of eggs from people hunting the halloween varient, but just cause my luck. I've done hunts before this without many boost and had way better shiny luck than this one. After 1,000 eggs and like 3 weeks of hunting I finally got a single shiny. I ended the hunt shortly after. It felt like an eternaty just to get this fancy cat. The cat in question
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