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In a alternate word where no harm came to threaten the Pokémon world, it was just perfect as it should be. On occasion, Mew would send humans with aspiring goals to that world to be whoever they chose to be. Two of these individuals were Harmony and Raya, who had fittingly been turned to a Swablu and Snivy to come to the world where everything could be achieved with enough effort. The two just hadn't been sure on what to do. That was until one fateful day.....
PMD: Performer's Path Prologue: A Curtain Rises (1/3)
"Hya! That good enough yet?" "Hmm... not yet, but you're getting there!" "Raya, you've said that the past ten times...." The duo of Harmony and Raya were trying to get a random routine they had thought of down, involving using Peck to destroy some leftover Oran Berry seeds that the Cotton Bird Pokemon had found earlier, but the Snivy didn't think it was good enough just yet. "We've probably worn through all the seeds anyway, lets just go get a break over at Connection Cafe." "Huh, you're right. Yeah, let's go." The now empty pouch of seeds was tossed aside and the two began making there way down to Serenity Town from the hill, chatting about how they could improve as they made their way down. A few posters floated above, before landing at the feet of the Grass Snake Pokemon, who picked it up and read it aloud. "Sign Ups for Performer Squads open today at Lively Town! Located at the Guild, free rides can be obtained from your nearest Connection Cafe!" "You seeing this Harmony? It's our real chance!" "Oh my gardener you're right! We are SO doing this thing!" The two sped up their path to the town, eager to see if they made the cut. Guildmaster Ampharos had been known to approve some of the best Squads around, including Aqua Squad and Pinkflare Squad. So if these two were approved, then who knew what would await them?
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