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Single post in Everstone Daycare 2 - Setup

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96XNekochan's Avatar96XNekochan
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Awesome! Tysm! ^-^ Here's his bio then! :D Name: Finale Human/Pokemon?: Pokemon Age (Optional): Somewhere in his mid 40's Gender: Male Species (Pokemon Exclusive): Shiny Blacephalon Job (Human Exclusive): Appearance: He is a Shiny Blacephalon but wears a rather large galaxy colored shawl around his shoulders and is slightly darker than a regular shiny. He is also slightly taller than a regular Blacephalon, reaching a height of 6'5" instead of 5'11. Personality: Very flamboyant and very fatherly, loves nothing more than to entertain and doesn't like to fight. He usually ends his sentences with a "~" Other: Thank you for letting me join this RP! ^^
Avatar image is official poster of Kid Cat from ACNH and owned by Nintendo.
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