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RP up! A breeze runs through your hair / fur as you look up at the building known as the Everstone Daycare. It’s a large place with multiple large rooms, all having one purpose at best. From the outside, you can also see a huge garden like area to the left of the building and a huge, transparent snow dome of sorts to its right. A sign hangs above the door. “Any and all Pokémon welcome!” That was nice to know. So you stepped indoors. Welcome to the Everstone Daycare 2.


1. Any and all PFQ rules apply. 2. No 18+ / NSFW. 3. Respect all RP’ers (but feel free to make your character a jerk IN THE ROLEPLAY). 4. References to other fandoms are totally allowed! 5. You can travel freely, but don’t just travel a mile away and back in a single post. But if they have the ability to do that, then go ahead. 6. Just have fun :)


~Floor 0~ ~Storage~ The underground storage area not many Pokemon know about. Most of the supplies are kept here. ~Shelter~ A large, metal case to act as a shelter for any natural disasters. It’s split into 3 sections that can hold 30 Pokemon each. ~Floor 1~ ~Check-In~ The area to drop off (or collect if they are leaving the RP) your Pokemon. Most of the places are accessible from here, as there are both stairs and escalators because why not? But they also have elevators too, because disabilities are a thing. ~Play Area~ A colourful room filled with multiple activities and the like to keep any Pokemon entertained. There are even a few game consoles for those intelligent enough to use them. A lot of Pokemon choose to eat here, too. ~Floor 2~ ~Washroom~ A large, bathroom like area for the Pokemon. It has multiple sections to fill the washing and grooming needs of any and every type. If requested, a Pokemon can get a private room. ~Gym~ The second largest area in the Daycare, and rightly so. It’s filled with training equipment as far as the eye can see, which is lucky. Rumours say Trek, a Volcarona who was raised here as a Larvesta, got his fighting skills here. There’s a small battlefield in there too for those who would like to spar. ~Infirmary~ A basic place to recover. It’s right next to the Gym so sparring based injuries can be sorted fast. Nobody questions the strange liquids on the 3rd left shelf, but they are just sedatives because you never know if you’d need one. ~Floor 3~ ~Rest Area~ These areas take up the entire floor, due to there being a room for each and every type. From tanks in the Water room, more training stuff in the Fighting room, and even a recovering spring in the Fairy room, it’s a home away from home for most. ~Outdoors~ ~Garden~ A basic Berry garden so everything can be cooked. A few Pokemon attempt to raid it often, but often fail unless they go alone. There’s also a park like area behind it which they can go to if they like. ~Snowdome~ A frosted paradise inside of a dome for Ice types to frolic in due to the mostly sunny weather around the town where the Daycare is located. Regardless of anything, Fire types are prohibited from going in there.

Room Occupations

(All Of these are NPCs. More will be added when needed.) Normal 1. Creampuff the Audino (Female) 2. Poof the Mincinno (Male) 3. Joey the Rattata (Male) 4. Furbo the Furret (Female) Fighting 1. Wanriki the Machop (Male) 2. Taytay the Tyrouge (Male) 3. Buhdeuce the Hitmonlee (Female) 4. Ryu the Hawlucha (Male) Grass 1. Angelica the Treecko (Female) 2. Eliza the Whimsicott (Female) 3. Peggy the Cacnea (Female) 4. U’wau the Lotad (Male) (Owns TM05:???) Water 1. Tao’li the Oshawott (Male) 2. Kaeya the Dewott (Female) 3. Buroo the Buizel (Male) 4. Sera the Starmie (N/A) Fire 1. Rito the Vulpix (Male) 2. Stomps the Rapidash (Male) 3. Lei the Tepig (Female) Flying 1. Kent the Tranquil (Male) 2. Timpani the Fearow ⭐️ (Female) 3. Tinker the Pidgey (Male) Electric 1. Zip the Dedenne (Male) 2. Zap the Magnemite (N/A) 3. Zop the Emolga (Male) 4. Spurky the Manectric (Male) Ground 1. Ruben the Mudbray (Male) 2. Kilimanjaro the Camerupt (Female) 3. Everest the Numel (Female) Ice 1. Ricardo the Sandslash (Alolan, Male) 2. Scarlet the Sneasel (Mission Available, Female) 3. Nook the Amaura (Snowdome Exclusive, Female) Psychic 1. Illnois the Meowstic (Male) 2. Winerva the Sigilyph (Male) 3. Licks the Espurr (Male) Dark 1. Ervia the Grovyle (Delta, Female) 2. Yin the Zorua (Male) 3. Yan the Zoroark (Male) Bug 1. Spots the Ariados (Male) 2. Burns the Galvantula (Female) 3. Bourbon the Dustox (Male) 4. Lipsy the Beautifly (Female)


Name: Human/Pokemon?: Age (Optional): Gender: Species (Pokemon Exclusive): Job (Human Exclusive): Appearance: Personality: Other:
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