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IMPORTANT NOTE: when filling out one of my forms, what you write goes after the [/b] because otherwise, it gets very hard to read;;

S/A Hunts

[center][b]Please do a custom hunt for me![/b] [b]Which pokemon:[/b] [b]Shiny or albino?[/b] [b]Specific nature/berry/gender?[/b] [b]How will I pay:[/b] [b][i]Thank you![/i][/b][/center]

Box Hunts

[center][b]Hunt me a box, please![/b] [b]How many:[/b] [b]How will I pay:[/b] [b][i]Thank you![/i][/b][/center]

Fishing Hunts

[center][b]Go fish![/b] [b]Which pokemon:[/b] [b]Specific nature/berry/gender?[/b] [b]How many:[/b] [b]How will I pay:[/b] [b][i]Thank you![/i][/b][/center]
Want a certain S/A pokemon but don't have the time, energy, or resources to do it yourself? Hire me to do it for you! Of course, this isn't free, so I'm charging a base fee for each order with an additional charge per extra pokemon as well as per extra add-on for each pokemon it applies to. For example, if you want two shiny eevees, one of which being timid nature, that would be 70gp base + 35gp for the second eevee + 45gp for one being timid, for a total of 150gp! The base price in each column is for the first order of a hunt (except if it's a hunt I'm doing for myself), but for each order past the first for that particular hunt, the additional price column is what you'd be paying as a base!
EHP Base Price Base Price Additional Price
1280 10gp 20gp 5gp
2560 20gp 40gp 10gp
3840 30gp 60gp 15gp
5120 40gp 80gp 20gp
6400 50gp 100gp 25gp
7680 60gp 120gp 30gp
8960 70gp 140gp 35gp
10120 80gp 160gp 40gp
Add On
Specific Gender/Genderless 20gp 40gp
Rare Gender 35gp 55gp
Specific Berry 15gp 30gp
Specific Nature 45gp 90gp
For my sake, each order will have an upper limit of 3 pokemon (with the minimum being, of course, one). I'm only going to have five slots per hunt, and each person only gets one order at a time. You can place another order after your first order has been filled; however, please give others a chance to order as well.


Name #/Pkmn Preferences Payment Progress
Vampire Gligar
1. Inkscalibur 1 albino quirky male 210gp 0/1

Current Hunts

current hunt: vampire gligar 72h/1s
auto updates
I'm also doing (cheap) boxbox hunts! One boxbox is 75, and you can order up to five at once, except if you're using a different payment method. I accept all kinds of currency, and you can check the hidebox below for other payment methods!

Alt. Payment Methods

item #
Beast Ball
28d Hypermode Voucher
DayCare Pass
x10: 1 x60: 2
Egg Pass
x1: 2 x5: 4 x10: 7
Lucky Seal
x1: 2 x5: 5 x10: 8
any mega stone on my looking for list
depends on market value
x4 1
x4 1
Every five orders, I will be taking a break to do one hunt for myself before picking orders back up. Once each order is complete, I'll post in the thread after sending the trade. If you don't accept after 48 hours, the boxes will go towards the next order, and you'd have to place another offer. After each order is completed, new slots will open up. Please check availability before ordering!

Spots (FULL)

Name # of Boxes Payment
1. ittybittyKraken 5
2. IzzyFizzyBoo 5 375
3. Jana Kennedy 5 375
4. angelatos 5
5. PikaTwo 5 375
6. lisander ? ?


if yall want to be the next for a hunt, go ahead and let me know and I'll put you down on the list; figuring out amount and payment will come when a spot opens up! **NOTE: if you ask to be put on the waitlist, I do not need to know how many boxes you'd like/how you're paying! I'll ask you for that information when you get put on the hunt list!
  1. misterkoala
  2. 14th2
  3. (empty)
  4. (empty)
  5. (empty)


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x0 x0 x0 x1
x0 x0 x0 2
auto updates
I saw that someone else was doing this
credit to Microbyte for the idea
and thought it might be a good idea, so, here we are! Want a specific pokemon from the fishing hunt but just don't have the time or motivation to catch it yourself? Hire me to do it for you! I can try to catch any of the pokemon found at the fishing hut, and if you want a specific nature or gender? Great! That helps both of us! You get your pokemon, and I can go through some of my fishing tasks! Here is a list of all the pokemon found at the hut:

Pokemon (currently available)

Carvanha Lotad Magikarp Goldeen Slowpoke Qwilfish Surskit Wooper Arrokuda
PWYW, but I do ask for payment if you want a specific gender/nature. Just 2gp each, and 4gp if you want a rare gender. If you want both, that would be 6gp.
So, for example, if you want an adamant female oshawott, that would be 6gp; if you just wanted a female oshawott, that would be 4gp, and 2gp for just an adamant oshawott
trans rights
ash 18 she/they
larvesta 72h/1s/3a/0m
/ 300
/ 300
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