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Single post in Basket of Goods Trade Shoppe (hunts, pairs, dexing, etc)

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Basket of Goods Trade Shoppe
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Welcome to my shop!
First, I have a few rules:


  1. all PFQ rules apply, but you already knew that!
  2. please subscribe to the thread so I don't have to hunt you down. after 24 hours, if I've sent a trade but you do not accept it, the trade will be cancelled. after an additional 24 hours, the items/pokemon you requested will go back up for trade and you would have to make another offer.
  3. please use a form if asking to borrow a pokemon or certain items. iIt'll just make things a lot easier.
  4. note: when filling out a form, please start typing after the [/b] because otherwise, it gets very hard to read.
  5. I reserve the right to deny service for any reason.
  6. for the sake of simplicity, specify how you’re going to be paying. if you aren’t sure if your math is right or if how much you’re offering is acceptable, just ask! I'm more than happy to help clear things up!
  7. not required, but being polite goes a long way.
  8. posting here regarding trades is preferred, but if for some reason you’re uncomfortable with that, PM’s are acceptable. however, do not send trades without posting. they will be declined. post here or PM me first.
  9. if you want your trade fodder pokemon sent back, just let me know in the trade! I’d be happy to send it back, but otherwise, I'm keeping the pokemon by default.
I use the 5k:5:1 ratio, and mixed payments are accepted!

Announcements (PLEASE READ)

2/10/2021 (server time) updated my s/a hunt prices! if you already have an order placed, don't worry about the new prices. we agreed on your price before this change and your price won't be affected, but from here on out, these are the prices I'll be using! 2/7/2021 (server time) I have almost all the arceus plates now, and I'm lending them out plus an arceus! check the dexing portion of my shop for more info :) I'm also buying some things for currency again, including certain megastones! 12/7/2020 (server time) I'm now offering breeding pairs! you can either buy one I've already made, or ask me to make you a custom pair! 11/7/2020 (server time) until further notice, I will not be buying anything for currency. If you have something on my "looking for" list and would like to trade it for something else, I'd be more than happy to do so. 9/27/2020 (server time): Users on my Friends list
found in my about
get a 50% discount!

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Other Shops

trans rights
ash 18 she/they
larvesta 72h/1s/3a/0m
/ 300
/ 300
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