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Single post in Angel B.’s Variety Art + Sprite Stand![SPOOKY SALE]

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Some dispenser machines and a rack for designs are set up in the one corner. A sign is set beside them, even though the machines have it all over them what they are. Gachapon Machines and Adoption Center!
  • Gachas
  • Adopts
Test your luck on a few "machines" to win neat art/sprite prizes! You might get experimental pieces or high-tier/combo/currently unreleased sprite types! Gacha Form: Turn the nob, open the capsule! Username: Gacha of Choice: Do you feel lucky?: (Optional, for fun!) Password:


These options give only sprites, can take any accepted payment! Prices shown are in GP.


You only get one shot, but this machine seems to try the best to predict things you like to make up for it. Also it's the cheapest. Price: 30

Small Batch

You get 5 sprites out of this one. Great for trying to get higher tiers/combos on a budget. Price: 125

Medium Batch

10 whole sprites, good for going after unreleased types and is way likely to give a combo or two. Price: 250

Big Batch

Holy cow, 15! Guaranteed to have at least one high tier and/or combo, and super likely to have an unreleased type! The prediction on it is almost non-existant though... Price: 375


These options only give small art pieces. They're more expensive, but hey you get art art and simple designs! All payment types and mixes are accepted and any art discounts apply! Prices shown in ZC because easy. Images are no larger than 750x750.


You get a random pokemon of a random retyping! The special chance, outside of experimental style, is possibly getting a legendary. Price: 350


A random fusion of pokemon. Special chances are 3 pokemon fusions and legendary inclusions. Price: 500


A random chibi of a pokemon or, if you're lucky, a gijinka. Could even be a legendary or legend gijinka with some luck! Price:500


Complete mystery art. Could be from the above types, a combo, or it could be something entirely different (but still pokemon related). You could even wind up with me tracking down your favorite pokemon, a favorite character, or one of your fancharacters to make the art if luck is on your side! Price: 750
Here you can take adoptable designs and sprites I make or give shelter to sprites and non-character-specific art I made for orders that went unpaid. Prices vary and will specify if alternative payments are accepted. No form because the art is already made. You just gotta pick and pay. No wait, no keeping track really.


Cotton Candy Gothitelle- 15, other payments okay Kelpsy Berry Misdreavus- 25, other payments okay Ghost/Fairy Retyped Togekiss- 50, other payments okay Clefairy/Gengar "Fusion"- 40, other payments okay Shadeless Candy Corn Mawile Sticker- 55, other payments okay

Past Adopts (already taken)

Ghost/Fairy Retyped Togekiss- Taken by XIIIBlackCatXIII


The rack is empty here right now, come back another time!
Angel/Neo || 19 || Leo || She/They/He Genderfluid || Demisexual Biromantic || Taken
these are by me!
Check out my art and sprite shop here for more by me! Have a nice day!
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