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Single post in Angel B.’s Variety Art + Sprite Stand![SPOOKY SALE]

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After hopefully reading the rules proper, you walk further in to take a look at the gallery where the offerings are displayed, separated by art and sprite, then further by categories. It’s rather neat for a shack. The Gallery ***Note: a couple things lack examples as they have no recent PG example I can use.*** Spooky Sale on Art!! 25% off all art orders, and an extra 10% off if you offer me a Delta/Shiny/Albino of a dark or ghost type mon OR 15% if a D/S/A halloween mon!
must be given beforehand in order to count, this is to avoid anyone trying to get the extra discount without giving the pokemon
Sprites now have a Seasonal section!
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Chalky Chibis (PWYW)

A chibi done in a cutesy color and line style like a chalk drawing on the sidewalk! Great for baits, signatures, dolls on sites, etc! These use any payment (Currency and/or items) that I’m currently taking! I ask only for a minimum of $1 or equivalent!


(Note I use a harder, rougher brush for lining than in these examples now however it is otherwise the same)


Bring out the chalk Angel! Username: (if a gift, PM the name of the other person so I know who should be using my art) References: (this is where you let me know what characters to draw) Are they holding something?: Pose?: Do you need it a specific size?: (___x___ resolution) Payment: Password:

Regular Digital Commissions

The usual headshot, bust, halfbody, and fullbody art done in my usual style! Get your character a new piece of art! Will be full-colored and transparent backed by default. These take regular currencies only, no items, and I would prefer Zophan or USD at least mixed in but it’s not required! Prices are: Headshots- $3.50 Bust
ends at mid-chest
- $5 Halfbody
ends at waist/lower torso
- $8.50 Fullbody- $10.50 +shading- basic is +$2, full is +$3 +background- base price is +$2, will increase based on complexity. Basic one color/shape backgrounds are free though. +extra character- $3.50 for Headshots/Busts, $5 for Half/Fullbodies



I would like a commission Angel! Username: (if a gift, PM the other UN for keeping track of my work) Size: (Headshot, Bust, Half, or Full?) Reference/s: Any specific pose?: Shading?: Background?: Payment: (use prices above, will negotiate pay for background) Password:

Pokémon/sona Icons

Icons for use here or for elsewhere (specify the size if elsewhere)! Will always be a headshot/bust. Will have a pattern background. No shading options (yet at least). These are $3.50 flat any currency and/or items, comes in larger size for sharing and smaller size for using.


Icon for Orre, should only see them using it


I need an icon Angel! Username: (If a gift, PM other UN for tracking my work) Pokémon/Pokesona: (give reference image if available for anything not a normal mon) Any emotion/pose?: Payment: Password:
All sprites take any mix of accepted payment unless otherwise stated! Put the total at the end of your order!

Recolor Varieties

These are all sprites that classify as a kind of recolor, from the Basic Recolor or Pallete Swap to even the Galaxies.


Take the colors and change them to pretty much anything! No real theme! Price: 10 Form: Angel, change the color! Username: Pokemon: Color/s: Password:

Palette Swap

Take a Pokemon and swap its colors with another Pokemon! Price: 10 (Both are shown to make it obvious) Form: Angel, use Switcheroo! Username: Pokemon 1: (The pokemon to color) Pokemon 2: (The colors to use) Password:


The pokemon is colored to look more like a crystal or soft gemstone. Price: 10 (Pictured is Crystal, can also come in Ruby, Amethyst, Topaz, Emerald, and Sapphire Form: Angel, give me the shiny rock! Username: Pokemon: Stone: Password:


Pokemon recolored to the color of a berry! Price: 15 (Pictured: Leppa Berry Purugly) Form: Angel, it is what it eats! Username: Pokemon: Berry: Password:


It's as if they got dropped in the movie. Price: 10 Form: They were sucked in the game Angel! Username: Pokemon: Accent Color: Password:

Cotton Candies

A sweet sugar spun treat but it's colors on a Pokemon. Price:15 (Can come in any combo of Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, or Purple) Form: Spin me a sweet, Angel! Username: Pokemon: Colors: Password:


A “paper portrait” of the Pokémon! Can add lines to give it a lil extra spice. Price: 10 (Pictured is no lines) Form: Angel I’ll take the page! Username: Pokémon: Lines?: (as in the paper lines) Password:


A shaded sorta sprite that makes it look like the Pokémon was done in ink! Comes in 2 kinds: High Contrast and Regular Contrast Price: 15 (Pictured: High Contrast to the left, Regular to the right) Form: Angel, it’s like a manga panel! Username: Pokémon: Color: Contrast: Password:


Take the Pokemon and make it a shadow of its former self! Comes in two types: Single color and Flats Price: 10 (Pictured: Single Color left, Flats Right) Form: It’s a shadow Angel! Username: Pokémon: Color: (If Flats, just put Flats) Password:


These Pokémon show their pride! Be it in a country or in being LGBT+, they show their colors! Comes in Details and Silhouette varieties. Price: 20 (Pictured: Details left, Silhouette right) Form: Angel, it’s Pride time! Username: Pokémon: Flag: Type?: (Detail or Silhouette) Password:


A Pokémon with a galaxy taking the place of some of its features! Price: 20 Form: Angel, put the stars in it! Username: Pokémon: Password:

Half Shiny

Self-explanatory title. Two types: Clean Split or Details Price: 10 (Pictured: Split left, Details right) Form: Angel, is it more or less rare? Username: Pokémon: Split/Details?: Password:

Infernos/Reverse Infernos

Take the Pokémon and make it look like one of those heat readings. Or a backwards heat reading. Price: 20 (Pictured: Reverse on right) Form: Angel, I’m getting a reading! Username: Pokémon: Color: Reverse?: Password:


The pokemon is loading, give it a second! Price: 15 Form: It’s in the matrix, Angel! Username: Pokémon: Outline: (put color here) Password:

Fusion Varieties

These sprites are a type of fusion from Basic 2-Mons to Charms and Dolls. May require a bit of scratching.


Two mons become one. It’s a science experiment! Price: 20 (Pictured: Sableye crossed with a Genesect) Form: It’s mad science Angel! Username: Pokémon 1: Pokémon 2: Password:

Sub Dolls

It’s a Doll custom made to fit its Pokémon! Price: 20 Form: Angel could you sew it up? Username: Pokémon: Password:


The Pokémon is squished into a lil charm! Can do items with a mini icon too! Price: 20 Form: How charming, Angel! Username: Pokémon/Item: Password:


I’ll get you a hamster that looks like a Pokémon! *Likely to involve more scratching* Price: 30 Form: Hamha Angel! Username: Pokémon: Password:


Give a Pokémon a lil costume of another Pokémon! Price: 30 Form: Is it Halloween, Angel? Username: Pokémon 1: Costume: (Pokemon 2) Password:


Here are the sprites that don't fall into another specific category or type. There aren't enough others like them to make a new category. Stuff like Stickers, Couples, etc.


Make the Pokémon into a lil sticker lookin thing! Price: 15 Form: Angel, a sticker for the album! Username: Pokémon: Password:


Awww, pokemon in love! If you wanna make it a trio I can give that a shot too, healthy poly is valid. These are extra custom! Price: 30(+5 if poly trio) Form: Love is in the air Angel! Username: Pokémon 1: Pokémon 2: Third?: Heart color/s?: Any pose in mind?: Password:

Glass Statues

I make the Pokémon a glass statue in its image. I coulda put it in recolors but I wanted to show this isn’t your average Glass, this is like an actual glass-with-frosted-details thing! Price: 35 Form: I want a knickknack Angel! Username: Pokémon: Password:


The pokemon is caught either glitching out or about to teleport. Price: 15 (Pictured: Glitch left, Teleport right) Form: It’s scattered Angel! Username: Pokémon: Glitch/Port?: Password:

Fighter's Aura

The pokemon is pumped to fight anime style! Can do type color/s or an unrelated color! Price: 15 Form: Angel, it’s powered up! Username: Pokémon: Color/s: (Up to two, if type color/s say so) Password:

Neon Signs

The Pokémon’s shaped and key features are now a bright sign! Price: 15 Form: Everywhere are signs Angel! Username: Pokémon: Color: Password:


The lines of the Pokémon pretty much get yeeted. Price: 15 Form: Gimme that mon boneless Angel! Username: Pokémon: Password:


In this the Pokémon is just lines. Any color lines. Price: 15 Form: Just the lines for me Angel! Username: Pokémon: Color: Password:


No shade, only flat colors and basic lines for these mon. Price: 15 Form: Angel, it’s flat! Username: Pokémon: Password:


I take the Pokémon and make it look more like an Undertale monster! Price: 20 Form: Angel, Fight or Mercy? Username: Pokémon: Password:


I can add a pattern to a Pokémon, change a pattern, or remove a pattern entirely! Price: 30 (Pictured: Added Jaguar Zoroark, Changed Stripes Lapras, Removed Black Milotic) Form: This Pokémon is different, Angel! Username: Pokémon: Add/Change/Remove?: What Pattern?: Password:


Special edits and recolor palettes for holidays and special events!

Spooky Recolors

Color palettes fitting the Halloween season. This year we have 3! Price: 25 (Left to Right: Candy Corn, Party Decor, Bloody Knife) Form: These colors are eerie Angel! Username: Pokemon: Palette: Password:

Halloween Costumes

These pokemon got all dressed up for the night! Can be any costume, be it a basic halloween one or trying my hand at a character! May take a lot of scratching. Price:50 (Pictured:Witch Charizard) Form: Angel, I need costume help! Username: Pokemon: Costume/Character?: Any color edits?: Password:

Holiday Lights

Pokemon that have flickering light up bits to fit the season! This season's colors are: Orange, Purple, Light Green, White, and Red! Comes in Fast Blinks and Slow Flickers Price:50 (Left Fast, right Slow) Form: Put up the lights Angel! Username: Pokemon: Color: (From the season's list) Fast/Slow?: Password:
Angel/Neo || 19 || Leo || She/They/He Genderfluid || Demisexual Biromantic || Taken
these are by me!
Check out my art and sprite shop here for more by me! Have a nice day!
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