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Single post in Angel B.’s Variety Art + Sprite Stand![SPOOKY SALE]

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You enter a rather amateurishly built shack of good size to be greeted by, well... myself. I have no mascot, not yet at least. Welcome to Angel B.’s! Hello there! I’m Angel and I’m setting up a lil shop because I need to save up for things on and off site! That means some stuff here may be currency only, no items. Mostly just the “normal art commissions” side of things though! Contents: I. Front Desk (About, Rules, and Slots) II. The Gallery (Offerings for Sale) III. Gachapon Machine (Gachas) IV. (Reserved for possible other feature/s) Currently having a Spooky Sale on art and offering new spooky-themed sprites! More info in the Gallery!
  • Rules/TOS
  • Accepted Pay
  • Will/Won’t Do’s
  • Slots
1) Of course, all PFQ rules apply. 2) Subscribe to the thread. I will not hunt people down to say when I’m finished with your order. 3) Payment is expected within 48 hours. No payment means no watermark-free version and no accepting further orders until payment is received. Outright refusal to pay means immediate blacklisting. Might even make an adoption area to have any non-character specific sprites/art dumped there for the price you said you’d pay. 3a)To pay in USD, you must have PayPal. I will give you the info once you come to pay. 4) Use the forms
This is not the password
, this is to get all info I should need, and have either a reference image for your character or a really, really good description. “A Vulpix with a bow and a stripe on its back” isn’t enough (where’s the bow? What color is the stripe, where on the back, and what way is it turned??) 5) Please be respectful, I may not have the busiest life currently, but things do come up and sometimes my motivation fluctuates. I’d rather not rush orders while I’m not doing well, your product will suffer as I won’t be working at my prime. 6) I have the right to decline an offer/order. For any reason. But especially for ignoring rules
Not here either
and/or what I’ve said I won’t do aka my boundaries. 7) If you need an edit done to the art, the colors are a bit off, a feature isn’t the right size, ask right away, not days later. I will not edit art after paying without a fee. Sprites will not be edited unless stated otherwise in its description. 8) On-site credit me by here. If used off-site, credit me by my Instagram (angelbeast111), Twitter (angelbeast111), and/or my deviantArt (Angelbeast111). This shop
You’re getting close!
is not my base of operations and it is not permanent. 8a) Off site or not, do not claim the art/sprite as your own work or remove any signature. Offense of these rules, depending on the rule broken and the severity of breaking is grounds for being blacklisted from the shop — meaning no more orders — and reported as necessary. These rules are also subject to change as found necessary.
password is some kind of greeting. Makes it look like somebody edited out a password.
Lastly, commissioned art/sprites are only to be used by the commissioner, the only exception is if it’s a gift. In that case, the recipient and commissioner are the only persons allowed to display the art/sprites. Any of my shop examples are not free to use either.
Oh, you went too far! Thought you could just skip to the end?
Unless otherwise stated, I’ll take a bunch of different payments as I need them. Of course I’ll take the usual currencies at the base rate of: 500k=500=100=$1 I also take the following with the given rates:

Boxes and Treasures

=100 Any =5 =10 =30 =75

Passes and Charms

=140 =500 =130 =175
For sprites Gen 6 and up, I use F2U sprites made by conyjams on deviantart! Some Gen 7 sprites are missing and I may decline orders including them until they are made or I can make my own. I will do: Any Pokémon, Pokesonas, Fakemon (if you prove they’re your design/you have permission), Humans, Furry (so anthros), Mild blood/gore (PG-13), Basic/minor mecha parts/machinery, Innocent shipping art, basically anything appropriate for PG-13 Aka the site overall I won’t do: anything too bloody or mature, Complex machinery/mecha parts or full mech characters, Ships of uncomfortable/gross themes (you know what I mean, don’t pretend)
For art: 1) XIIIBlackCatXIII (Chalky Chibi) 2) Coil (Icon) 3) 4) For sprites: 1) Sachiller (2) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Limits: Art- 1 per person Sprites- 3 per person
Angel/Neo || 19 || Leo || She/They/He Genderfluid || Demisexual Biromantic || Taken
these are by me!
Check out my art and sprite shop here for more by me! Have a nice day!
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