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Name: Ezekiel (goes by Ezzy) Age: 19 Gender: Nonbinary (He/They) Species: Duskull Appearance: The eye light in his head is gold-yellow instead of red-pink and the markings on his back are tinted minty green Personality: Ezzy is rather shy, soft-spoken, and nervous. He has anxiety, if you couldn’t tell, and the effect it has on him and his interaction with others is quite large. While he’s friendly and kind, he’s terrible at starting or keeping up conversations with strangers. It’s to a point one might mistake him as selectively or fully mute. The only way he can really keep it going is if a shared interest is mentioned to use as a crutch. He also tends to downplay his abilities and achievements, shy away from unsafe things, and overthink things. Once they feel they can be more open with you though, they become a bit more talkative. They’ll even show their more relaxed side and maybe they’ll even be able to get louder. Regardless, in a pinch or moment of protectiveness they may show surprising determination and strength, no matter how silent. Backstory: Ezekiel grew up okay enough... except he was born with the gift to see and commune with spirits (not like ghost-types, though he could talk to them, I mean actual ghosts). Back before he developed anxiety to the degree he has now, he once tried to tell some friends he had and demonstrate, thinking he wasn’t alone. Those were not friends for much longer. When meaner kids had caught wind of “the weird ghost boy“ they were relentless in bullying him, they would throw things at him and even got a wild Pokémon to chase after him. Their parents weren’t the most accepting either, always telling them to not tell anyone “or do you wanna be seen as a creep?” He’d often take walks in the woods by his house to escape from things, and that’s how he made his first true friend: A Phantump that he consoled and that comforted him. They were the same age, around 9. Flash ahead to high school. After years of closeting themself, now with extra pressure due to figuring out they’re nonbinary and ace, and years of bullying and being shunned, he’s grown anxious and lonely save for his trusted friend Phantump. They caught the lil fella so that when they had to move and transfer schools for the second time after things got out of hand with bullies and protective spirits, Phantump could stay with them. Though in transferring, he found someone with similar powers. Someone that Phantump found familiar
Phantump is the dead brother to the person they found. Unless you’d like to make it a plot point or character growth point, they would have found this out before the portal.
. They grew close, even becoming romantic partners. But that couldn’t change that his life was forever tainted by anxiety and ridicule. When the portal came promising better for not only them but their partner and companion, well, what did the trio have to lose? Other abductees: His best friend of many years Phantump and his romantic partner Elizabeth (Liz for short). Both were willing as Phantump wanted to stay with his only good friends and Elizabeth had suffered too. Password: Hi how are ya? ;))) Oh and as a note, Ezekiel’s powers would probably shift to just being his ghost type attacks, unless you’d be okay with him seeing any true ghosts? Same with his partner Liz.
Angel/Neo || 19 || Leo || She/They/He Genderfluid || Demisexual Biromantic || Taken
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