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Ryko Eon's AvatarRyko Eon
Ryko Eon's Avatar
Name: Carmine Tarkite Age: 23 Gender: Female Species: Riolu Appearance:She has the standard height and weight of a Riolu, but the entire colouration is just a slightly paler shade of what you'd normally see from one, the 'pads' on the back of the front paws are scuffed, showing minor scarring from equivalent scarring on the backs of her hands as a human were, the area around the knees is equally as scarred, her 'ears' have a small chip taken out of both of them. She had a Dull Lime Scarf as a human, if given the opportunity to legally acquire something similar, she'd do the same in this world, it's a small comfort she'd appreciate having around. Personality: Weakest point here, it's probably not enough and I'll try to elaborate if necessary. Carmine is a quiet soul, despising crowds or groups of people that number more than Five, if forced to be in a situation with a number higher she'll usually clam up or try to flee to a spot where she calm herself down before she flies off the handle, she doesn't get Panic Attacks to say, but has a deep-rooted anger management issue which comes out in large groups, better she split from them before something happens she'll regret. She has a bit of difficulty making friends or even keeping them, her trust issues run deep and said trust has been broken, in her own words; 'Too many times for it to matter anymore', it's not you, it's her. Somewhat low self-esteem, she doesn't really see herself of any value to anyone or anything in particular and doesn't really understand what a 'compliment' is, getting confused whenever one is given. Backstory: Carmine, her early years were average until the age of Nine, she attended a school, made decent grades, home and family life were fine save the lack of a mother being around who had unfortunately perished bringing her into the world, at the age of nine however, coinciding with a diagnosis that placed just over the edge of the Autistic Spectrum however, is when the Bullying started, she already kept herself away from the others, finding them to be dull and not really worth investing time into, this bullying got worse and worse as time went on, aged twelve is when the physical abuse started, she didn't retaliate at first, taking it best she could for a year before her first 'incident' occurred, this retaliation of hers put another student in critical condition for weeks and it... terrified her, knowing she was capable such harm didn't sit well with her, but, sadly, the bullying got worse, escalating quickly until each day was dreaded, every morning was a silent curse that she'd awoken again, it didn't help that when she retaliated with reasonable force, she'd get blamed and punished for the actions that happened. - Her home life deteriorated rapidly, her Father had work come in that meant he couldn't be around as often, and when he was, she'd shun him, push him away, keep tight-lipped about what was going on and brush off the injuries she'd sustained yet again, aged sixteen was when it all came to a head, the bullying was no longer severe, it had escalated into straight up trying to murder her on a daily basis, and when she came home with the bone visible on her hands, hobbling on broken legs and several other severe injuries that she couldn't deny, her father lost it completely, he didn't harm anyone from the school in question, but the threats made against them and destruction of property saw him put in jail for a year, leaving Carmine alone to recover and under watch from the relevant governmental agencies. - School was out of the question, and what education she did get was marred by the constant questions about a time she'd rather forget entirely and move on from, by insinuations that she, somehow was to blame for it all despite how she'd done nothing to instigate any of it, the program she'd been unknowingly enrolled into booted her out at twenty when she snapped again and collapsed a persons throat for being too direct with blame, since she didn't know where she was exactly, it took her two years of being homeless and travelling before her father's lawyer located her, during his time serving his sentence, an inmate had murdered him for unknown reasons, though there were suspicions which Carmine swiftly confirmed were likely true, that wretched place calling themselves a 'school' cared too much about their precious reputation and she wouldn't have put it past them to off someone with dirt about them. - Inheriting her fathers home, she sold it immediately and purchased a shack somewhere remote, where she stayed, contemplating it all while only going to the nearby town for necessary supplies to keep surviving, over the past year, every time she's considered ending herself just to finally be free from her past shackles, something has always caught her attention, just out of sight in the corner of her eye and prevented her from doing so, she repeatedly dismissed whatever she saw as a 'trick of her mind', this final time however... it wasn't in the corner of her vision, but dead in front of her, an invitation to escape the hellhole she considers herself in, she'd be damned if she didn't take whatever this swirling mass was up on it's offer, a potential chance to completely start over? To maybe make something of herself and get some actual, genuine help for once? Count her in. Other abductees: None Password: There was a password here, it's gone now
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