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Single post in Dimension Number 2 - An unconventional PMD RP

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Name: Aselda Age: 20 Gender: Female Species: Jangmo’o Appearance: Aselda’s eyes are turquoise rather than red. Other than that, pretty normal. Personality: A rather straightforward and frank person, Aselda is easy to read and mostly predictable. She has a fairly morally upright character that’s largely hindered by the fact that nothing ever happens in her life, so any situation where this guides her decision making is either nonexistent or negligible. She’s somewhat headstrong and a little reckless, but not impolite. However, she does find it a little difficult to grow close to others, as she sometimes struggles with coming off as too strong. For this reason, she’s ended up being a little quiet when meeting people initially, but after warming up a little, she tends to feel more comfortable with expressing herself as she does. Backstory: Aselda never had a hugely interesting life. She grew up pretty normally, never really failing or excelling in school, and was generally very unfulfilled by everything around her. Her relationship with her family is also rather uninteresting- as far as things went, they were of the type that were a little too hands off in fear of being strict, and as such, she isn’t that close with them either. With no clear sense of where to go, Aselda spent most of her days after graduating floating around menial jobs, but even that was largely uninteresting as well. One day, a portal appeared before her, and frustrated with the lack of direction her life possessed, decided to enter it in search of something more. Other abductees: Michi, a Pichu that recently came into her care. The two are rather close for how long they’ve known each other. Password: lmao ok
’原来陈情俱是旧人, 撩动心事如何能避尘‘ avatar and sig is official mdzs audio drama art
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