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The rules in this post specifically cover Trade Shops. Note: Trade Shops are intended for long-term use.

14. You may not own more than ONE Trade Shop.

You may not be the creator of more than one thread in the Trade Shop subforum. There is a brief period of overlap (one week) allowed when creating a new Trade Shop while intending to delete the old one, in order to inform the old shop's customers. Lock the old Trade Shop thread while creating the new thread. Note: You may co-own as many Trade Shops as you can handle. If you have already created a Trade Shop, these co-owned Trade Shops must be created by your partner, not by yourself.

15. Trade Shop Co-Ownership is limited to THREE players.

Trade shops co-owned by more than three players are not allowed due to, among other reasons, crashing web browsers, unnecessary thread bumping, interpersonal drama, and disorganisation. Note: The bump rule for Trade Shops applies to all co-owners as if they were a single person. Co-owners may not post back-to-back to bump a thread unless 48 hours have passed.

16. Trade Shops must follow all legibility rules.

See Rule 7. Trade Shops are often caught breaking this rule due to the popularity of templates, and the tendency to list shop stock in formats difficult to read while using a mobile device.
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