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The rules listed in this post specifically cover the Trade Forum.

8. You must wait 48 HOURS to bump your trade thread or shop.

You may make one post in the meantime in order to inform players about important updates made to your trade thread or shop. Once you make an "announcement" post, you must wait for 48 hours after the announcement post before you may "bump" your thread. Think carefully about whether your post is important enough to use up your allotted announcement post.

9. Delete your trade thread once the trade has been completed.

In the interests of a cleaner trade forum, please delete your trade threads once your trades are finished. SYSTEM will automatically delete threads in the Trades forum after 14 days, but you can help keep things tidy faster.

10. Each trade thread should have a clear purpose and title.

Clearly lay out in your thread what you are offering, looking for, accepting as payment, not accepting as payment, etc. Reflect at least some of this information in your trade thread's title. To improve clarity, please don't use special characters in your thread titles.

11. Trade threads are single-use threads.

Trade threads are intended for simple, short-term use by a single thread owner to buy or sell on their own behalf, such as buying one Pokémon, or selling a limited number of items. Please do not add more to a trade thread after it has been created, such as updating the thread with additional stock. Please avoid excessively-complicated trade threads, such as listing Pokémon, items, and currency for sale in the same thread; likewise, trade "hubs" with multiple players buying and selling to each other are not allowed.

12. Do NOT repeatedly make the same trade thread.

Again, trade threads are intended for short-term use. If you require longer than 14 days to complete your trade(s), such as selling multiple of the same Pokémon, create a Trade Shop instead, as these are intended for long-term use. Repeatedly making, deleting, and remaking the same trade thread will be taken by the Moderator Team as an attempt to get around the Bump Rules.

13. You MAY have multiple trade threads at one time.

You may make as many (unique) trade threads at one time as you can actively handle and control. Don't make more trade threads than you can handle.
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