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Hunt Post Fifteen

Another new post.... HM duration of 25/Apr 19/Jul til 22/Oct
Weedle easy evos [41♂A] [53♂S] [80♂S] [100 eggs] 19/Jul/2020—23/Jul/2020 Chimchar easy evos [65♂A] [77♂S] [88♂A] [100 eggs] 23/Jul/2020—28/Jul/2020 Grubbin easy evos [86♂A] [108♀A] [130 eggs] 28/Jul/2020—06/Aug/2020
More Galar! (Part 8) Morpeko [67♂S] [91♂A] [100 eggs] 06/Aug/2020—08/Aug/2020 Pincurchin [36♀A] [79♀S] [100 eggs] 08/Aug/2020—18/Aug/2020 Type Race: Ghostalbino Pumpkabooalbino Dreepy Stonjourner [125♀A] [138♂S] [150 eggs] 18/Aug/2020—28/Aug/2020 Lab Egg Tourneyalbino Nickit Duraludon [76♀A] [93♂A] [197♂S] [200 eggs] 28/Aug/2020—06/Sep/2020 Shelter Hatch Tourneyalbino Rockruff Indeedee [31♂S] [54♂A] [140 eggs] 06/Sep/2020—27/Sep/2020
Pink Egg Tourneyalbino Stuffulalbino Stufful Type Race: Psychic none :c Shelter Hatch Tourneyalbino Blipbug V~Wave Hatch Tourneyalbino Rockruffalbino Poochyena Blipbug Impish tourney [39♂A] [74♂S] [76♂A] [136♀A] [155♂A] [200 eggs] 27/Sep/2020—07/Oct/2020 Blitzle [109♂A] [260♂A] [284 eggs] 07/Oct/2020—23/Oct/2020 Type Race: Electricalbino Shinx
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