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I adore Poison/Grass types and the OGs are Bulbasaur and Vileplume; I wanted to pay tribute to them. Vileplume is based off the corpse lily (Rafflesia arnoldii ) and I think that's just incredible. If you ever get to see a live specimen, you'll never forget the size and the smell of it; it's truly something else. Art Credits: Special thanks to the talented almondfeather for the art and WikiCommons (x2) for the images. Lyrics are from Britney Spears' iconic single Toxic. Please see this post for template install instructions. Click once to select all codes. BBCode Examples & OP Content Here.
[css=/* TEMPLATE DESIGN & CODE BY KING VESPER */ width: 100%;][img]https://storage.googleapis.com/pfq/Poison1.png[/img][sc="fill"][sc="text"][sc="fixer"][ ]TEXT_GOES_HERE[ ][/sc][/sc][/sc][sc="bx"][img]https://storage.googleapis.com/pfq/Poison3.png[/img][/sc][sc="credit"][url=/forum/post/5381884][img]https://storage.googleapis.com/pfq/Poison_CR.png[/img][/url][/sc][/css][ ][style] /*** TEMPLATE NAME: POISON - FREEBIE ***/ @import 'skins/user/M/P/poison/__extra'; [/style]
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