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Beauty stayed silent as she didn't know what to say. She did feel a bit ashamed as it was nearly the end of the day and they had been late for school. She also felt like it would be weird if she just broke the silence. Beauty looked at her big brother, Black (who was only older than her by one year) and expected him to respond as he was always the one to break the silence. Black noticed that Beauty was looking at him and shrugged at her. 'Why is she looking at me?' Black looked away from Beauty and he could still feel her stare and it felt like she was trying to freeze him as if she were a Glaceon. Black began to feel awkward until Beauty got the signal and looked away. Black looked at his two best friends and expected a response. Pearl looked at Black and shrugged. Are we just gonna look at each other and expect a response? Pearl was a Psychic-type and while it was silent, she read Black's mind and heard (or read) Black's question. Nymphia was the very talkative type of Pokemon but she suddenly felt awkward when it was silent as they had just arrived to school and it was almost the end of the day. Nymphia looked like she was going to whisper 'awkward silence' but then that would break the silence. But she said it anyways. "Awkward silence..."
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