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I assume even though I'm submitting playlists I still use the form right? I'll go into a bit of detail just in case there are concerns regarding the original artists of the music. Image(s) Playlists: Normal Fire Water Electric Grass Ice Fighting Poison Ground Flying Psychic Bug Rock Ghost Dragon Dark Steel Fairy Who created this art?: Well, I compiled the music in the playlists. Since I login to Spotify via Facebook my username/profile there is my actual name Hayley James, just in case mods were wondering why. Since the playlists are on Spotify all the music is properly credited, links back to the artists Spotify page, and the artists do make royalties on any music played! If an artist didn't want their music on the site it can be removed from the Spotify in it's entirety, it has happened a few times with music on these playlists. However this does not affect the playability of playlists, Spotify just skips over unplayable music. Put the creator's profile link or PFQ Shortlink here: VianTheGryphon All the music in these playlists are instrumental, the titles are all PG, and I routinely add more music to them (I use these playlists when I shiny hunt in the actual Pokemon games, so even if I leave PFQ they will still get updated). Unfortunately some playlists are shorter than others but the shortest one is still over 3 hours long at the time this post was made. @mods, I give my absolute permission to have any of these playlists relinked in other threads on PFQ. Just in case a new storage thread is created. Oh, and if I need to change anything about the playlists, such as the playlists icons/descriptions, please let me know, I'll be happy to change them
Sprites made by sorax
I use tooltips to provide credit to anything I post. Exception is any Pokemon GIFs which will be from either the anime or the games. Want to listen to some Instrumentals while you are clicking? Check out my Spotify Playlists! My PokeFarm LivingDex Spreadsheet
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