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Based on what you said I think you should go for it! Money wise it's a bit of a gamble, so it might not be the best decision to drop 300zc on a PR stick. 800 DCP is a fair amount, but if you're not lucky, you could even need up to thousands of more DCP. So you might even need to make the decision later on if you want to stick Pepyre and do something else to get more gold for DCP. If that's not a worry and you think you could get enough gold to buy more DCP as you hunt, then this point isn't really a concern for you. Buut regardless, you have full boosts so I think if it's something you're excited to hunt, then you should hunt it while it would still make you this hyped and happy! Edit: You can also consider that when tournament pokemon first become breedable, their breeding rates are pretty low. So you'll have to do a lot of clicks for eggs. If you wanted to wait a season or two and get more DCP in the meantime, the breeding rate would become easier. This is also something personal to you, if you have no problem clicking a lot and/or using lots of sweethearts, then it's not much of a concern. c:
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