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Yes of course in battle nature does matter.For ex Lonely nature which increases atk on a special attacker would be pretty bad.But I was talking in general.Yeah sweet ones are cool too.Personally Lonely nature fits me in real life too since just like any lonely mon I do like spicy things(very much I would say) and dislike anything that is sour.But yeah a +speed nature on a slow mon is not the best.This reminds me of all the adamant Gastly I hatched some time ago.I was like why do I hatch so many adamant Gastly lol.it is interesting to see what natures would people have if they were mons.Of course it is hard to just have one nature as we are far more complex than this or better said our personaity.I just picked whats the most evident in my case but I could very well be Serious Calm Careful as well.Second out of many people who like Sweet berry mons interesting.Curious to see what the others will say.Not to make this too long yes you generally want a nature that actually helps your mon in battle.And one last thing you should spar here.
Credits to Daemonprince for this amazing melan bait.Thanks again
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