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PlasmaStorm's AvatarPlasmaStorm
PlasmaStorm's Avatar
She is a Reshiram that likes to be on her own doing her stuff. She does get along with other pokemon if needed, though she prefers to play or do her stuff alone. She does not trust anyone, except Yurui that she fully trusts. When she gets to know people better, her playful instincts started to show. She is much more naughty and stubborn than Yurui, usually getting him into trouble or having him to take care of her.
When Overheat mode, the tips of her claws, mane and tail turn blue and she has a blue flame on her left eye. In normal mode, she looks just like an ordinary Reshiram with the blue gem on
Moveset (Normal)
Fusion Flare, Dragon Claw, Dragon Breath, Flamethrower
Moveset (Overheat)
Cerulean Flare, Dragon Claw, Outrage, Flamethrower
Karyuu has one of the hotest flames in the pokemon world and can do devestating damage. She, unlike Yurui, prefers long range attacks and uses Special Type moves more than Physical Type moves. This allows her to attack enemies from afar without having to go close to them to deal damage.
Karyuu is very antisocial to almost everyone and also lacks of self confidence, that can be a disadvantage during battle. She also lacks of endurance compared to Yurui. She cannot control her ability and will be taken over by it when it is activated.
Loves Cheri berries, her first food when she was born.
She was mutated by a mysterious blue energy when she was in her egg. Ever since then she had two totally different personalities, one being normal, another one being a out of control maniac that totally loses control. When Overheat mode, the tips of her claws, mane and tale turn blue and she has a blue flame on her left eye.
'You are too late, I'm afraid. This flower's already dead'
Pokesonas Karyuu Yurui Comic Avatar is drawn by Tsuzera and used with permission
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