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Hunt Post Fourteen

Another new post.... HM duration of 25/Apr til 22/Oct
Galar Part 6! Hatenna [18♀A] [38♀A] [62♀A] [115♀S] [135♀A] [140 eggs] 03/May/2020—05/May/2020 G. Zigzagoon [48♀S] [87♂A] [104♂S] [120 eggs] 05/May/2020—07/May/2020 G. Meowth [121♂S] [138♀S] [156♀A] [160 eggs] 08/May/2020—11/May/2020 Type Race: SteelShiny SkarmoryAlbino Alolan SandshrewAlbino SkarmoryAlbino HonedgeAlbino KlefkiShiny Klefki G. Corsola [44♀A] [57♀A] [61♀A] [80♀S] [100 eggs] 12/May/2020—15/May/2020
Mankey gem hunt [10♀A] [70 eggs] 16/May/2020—18/May/2020 Random Fighting Eggs + new Galar to get back to Arceus [22 Falinks in chain 21/May—22/May] Scraggy gem hunt [19♀S] [50 eggs] 23/May/2020—24/May/2020 Crabrawler easy evo hunt [17♂A] [46♀S] [89♂A] [122♀S] [132♂S] [181♂A] [248♂A] [283♂] [284♀] [451♂A] [459♀A] [480♂A] [481♀S] [530♀S] [559♂A] [624♂S] [669♂S] [722♀S] [728♂S] [762♂A] [802♀A] [811♂A] [fg: 14] [900 eggs] 24/May/2020—12/Jun/2020 Daycare Tourneyalbino Morpekoalbino Snom G. Darumaka [40♂A] [117♀A] [130♀S] [130 eggs] 12/Jun/2020—21/Jun/2020 Type Race: Poisonalbino Skorupialbino Croagunkalbino Skorupialbino Salandit
Galar Part 7! Snom [10♂A] [49♀S] [73♀A] [86♀A] [100 eggs] 21/Jun/2020—23/Jun/2020 Egg Hatch Tourneyalbino Geodudealbino Sewaddlealbino Alolan Geodude G. Yamask [121♂A] [127♀S] [136♀A] [139♂S] [159♂A] [160 eggs] 25/Jun/2020—28/Jun/2020 Eiscue [26♀A] [57♂A] [71♀S] [73♀S] [77♀A] [88♂S] [100 eggs] 28/Jun/2020—01/Jul/2020 Milcery [14♀A] [55♀S] [60 eggs] 02/Jul/2020—12/Jul/2020 Egg Hatch Tourneyalbino Riolualbino Scatterbugalbino Miltank
Type Race: Firealbino Darumaka Salandit goal: female shiny [132♂S] [162♂A] [200 eggs] 12/Jul/2020—19/Jul/2020
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